Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's real. O&R styles

Sign is up.

Doesn't get more real. Until my better half leaves in two days of course. Then it's really real.

On the market for 12 hours. Hasn't sold yet. My hopes remain high.

LOL. I hate LOL. Primarily because when someone types it, what they have typed is not LOL funny. I am fine with a simple 'ha!' or a ':)' but LOL? Really? Is it that funny? From my experience it's not. And if it is that funny don't you owe it to the comedian to type it out? You won't ever see LOL from me. Same goes for ROFLMAO. Bothered that I actually know what that stands for.

While we're at it. I don't check in. Not at 'Casa de Best part' nor at Walmart. Primarily because I don't think anyone gives a shit where I am. But, don't get me wrong. I love knowing where others are. So don't stop. I just won't start.

I will not miss people parking at the end of our driveway when we move. I am not talking about blocking the driveway. I am talking directly at the end on the other side of the street. It makes backing out a challenge to miss the mailbox and our other cars and not hit theirs. Yes, I know I have a backup camera, however. Do you have one? Ever notice how much closer things actually are than they appear? Just saying.

So. Ever had to have your house immaculate all the time? With a 2 year old? And a 7 month old (who dare I say it, is considering crawling?)? And a dog? At least summer tv is starting so I will have literally nothing else to do but clean after the kids go to bed.

I know i have been MIA. And it's a good thing. We have been at the zoo and baseball games and playing. We are the picture of temporary unemployment. We are zen. Life is good. Cause it's about to get a tad rocky. So this break? We needed it.

The Best part? Once I finish cleaning every night, I will have endless time to blog. About nothing. Get excited.

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