Wednesday, May 4, 2011

14 Kisses: a follow up

Night one of the sticker chart. Worked. He went to sleep. And the first thing he said this morning was 'me get my first sticker for my chart mommy?'. Victory.

Before bed we talked about how after five stickers he will get a prize (thanks to my friend Michelle for the suggestion) and this is how it went.

'I want one (holding up one finger) car!'
'OK buddy! When you get five stickers we will get you a car!'
'I want two (holding up two fingers now...) cars.'
'We'll see but we may be able to arrange that.'
'I want a talking Racer Queen (LighteningMcQueen)!!!'

I think I am being manipulated. Can't say for sure but something is fishy.

But you know what? If there aren't anymore miserable bedtime routines then a talking Racer Queen it is.

The Best part? It may just work. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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Lindsey Neyra said...

Another tip... In order to not get manipulated into really expensive gifts, what I did with Julius was go out and buy some gifts and I wrapped them. When Julius got to "prize" level he got to pick a pre-wrapped gift from the "special basket." Just a thought and good luck!