Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring forward. Again.

I may or may not have mentioned that we don't have a late sleeping toddler. I a fairly certain that he has slept past seven four times. Ever.

7 is all I ask for. I don't need him to sleep until 8 or 9. Seven. Siete. That's all.

Of late, it's been bad. It's been a vicious cycle. He is sick. Ear infections keep him from sleeping and eating. When he doesn't eat he wakes up hungry. Early. Like 5:45 in the morning. Oh and he now recognizes that he has to pee in the morning. This is not a child who will go to the potty and get back in bed. Couple that with a baby who cant stay up past seven at night and therefore wakes up still around four to eat and you have one sleepy mama.

So. Imagine my delight this morning when I heard the baby and rolled over to find it was 7:06. Elated. I snuck into her room, fed her and snuck out so as not to wake the sleeping toddler (who I was certain was going to just catch up on all the z's he's lost over the last few weeks). I crawled back in bed for a few and then I heard him. He doesn't wake up like I imagine normal kids wake up. No talking or playing. He immediately goes into 'scream for mommy mode' (a habit I would love to break if you have suggestions). It was 7:23. I hop up, brush my teeth, throw on my sweats and head to his room.

(side note: husband out of town last night)

So I burst into his room where he is still rolling around a bit and say 'good morning!'. Something was fishy. The sun wasn't up. The 50$ nightlite sun. Not up. So we chilled in bed for a few and it still didn't come up. I casually glance at the clock in his room and it's effing 6:24.

We have an atomic clock. Or whatever clocks that set themselves are called. Problem is. We bought it before farmers and the government decided to move daylight saving time. Therefore. Our atomic clock. Sprung ahead last night.

Fail. Miserably. Bring on the coffee.

The Best part? It is going to be play outside warm today. Like wear his ass out play outside until he can't take it anymore and will have to sleep until 7. At least. I hope.

Happy Sunday fun day friends.


Jess said...

Gabe has always woken between .6 and 7. Livie does too. Nothing I do will change it, so I soo get it. Luckily, Gabe plays his nintendo DS now. Thank god.

Kimberly {YeP, they are all mine} said...

Yep. I have early risers, too. 6am is sleeping in around here. I learned VERY early on that keeping them up late does nothing to help this problem. BUT, I have lots of evening time since they have to go to bed so early ;-)

Corey said...

Love that I am not alone. Suppose 2 1/2 is too young for a DS... We too learned that lesson early on Kim... Goes to bed later = gets up even earlier... Just longing for 7am... But do enjoy that everyone is asleep by 745...