Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Scene

Couldn't pick just one.  Don't be mad. Oh and it's nearly afternoon.  Don't be mad about that either. Oh and one picture is from yesterday.  No.  Two are from yesterday.  You'll get over it.

Linkin' up with Katie at Loves of Life

Saturday Morning Scene

So.  First things first.  Today's actual picture.  My new runners.  Laced up.  Took 'em a rough 2.5 today.  Oh and those legs, with spandex on them, they've helped me lose 12 pounds in 9 weeks.  Rock.  On.

This face.  For real.  How could you not?  Eat her.  Seriously.  Oh and the bow.  You can't see it but it's black toile.  Black. Toile.  I die.

Oh and this MOTY made a dream come true yesterday.  We. Met. Racer. Queen.  That's right.  And Mater.  AND Miss Sally.  Seriously.  Dream come true.

The Best part?  the 12 pounds, clearly.  And a dream come true.


LucieP said...

haha love it!
Congrats on 12lbs!
Love the baby food face.
We have Cars all over the place- can only imagine how my 3 yr old would react if it came to real life!

Cajun Cowgirl said...

Was just over at SMS. LOVE new running shoes! When I get new tennis shoes I feel like a new woman!

Katie @ Loves of Life said...

Well hello there hot legs. I'm jealous! you look great. And so does that little cute messy face.

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

TWELVE pounds!?!?!? How awesome is that? Are you doing the Couch to 5K?

Corey said...

Thanks ladies! I am seven away from goal weight... Just finally losing the weight I didn't lose between babies and just added weight to... Weigh less now than when I got preg with E so hope to soon be at pre pre preg weight. No, I have done couch to 5k before... This time i am just running. I was doing intervals and then realized if I just ran the whole time it would be over faster and honestly, I sm amazed at how your whole body transforms. Pretty amazing. I do not love it. But I do love the way i feel afterwards... Thanks for the props!! The husband of course has lost 24 pounds in the same time... Should be illegal.