Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Observations and Revelations

If I have nothing worthy to say. I don't say anything. Hence the absence.

I have no idea why anyone flies Delta. No idea. 500$ a piece to change a ticket is absurd. A ticket that was $400 to begin with. And heaven forbid you allow my husband to travel with the carseats so I don't have to lug a 2 1/2 year old, a 6 month old, luggage AND carseats into the airport. And if you were any less accommodating I might think you were the DMV. Although I haven't had a phone conversation with the DMV recently that was as unpleasant as my one with you Delta.

I was totally judging a coworker for eating a bag of rice out of the bag for lunch (cooked). Then I checked the carb count of my frozen treat. Fail.

I was mistaken for a coworker this week. She's beautiful. She's also black.

I put my pre baby shorts on yesterday. I didn't cry. Victory.

I can't believe I am saying this. I am kind of over Facebook. It's not interesting to me anymore. Onto the next social networking addiction. Or maybe I am over social networking all together. Hmmm. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that a Facebook friend announced he and his wife are expecting baby #2 by saying 'she pulled the goalie, he shoots he scores!' with an accompanying picture of a positive pregnancy test.

This morning on the TODAY Show they did a story out how 'Your Baby Can Read' is crap. Shocking. What was most telling was that the founder of YBCR said that his four year old reads better than he does. And this man has made millions selling a memorization tool.

The swing set is up! He is in love. So much so that twice this weekend (while I was out of town) he let himself out while daddy was taking care of the baby. There is now a piece of plywood holding the sliding glass door shut. Speaking of classy.

Flying solo with kiddos on Friday. Preparing for the worst. That would be. Both kids pooping on the plane. Sandwiched next to a 500 pound 40 year old man. The baby who never cries will cry and I will be left with a choice. Nurse her or let her cry. Next to this large man who is probably at this point sweating. Oh and there will be a tantrum or two thrown in since we are talking about worst case. Probably a tantrum in the aisle. It's the things I worry about the most that always go swimmingly. So I'm gonna keep on worryin'. That's right. I left the 'g' off. Cause that's how the 500 pound man next to me will talk. He will probably also smell.

The Best part? Friends coming over to enjoy the new swing set!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I watched the Today show this morning and had to laugh at that idiot.

Also? I've had my facebook deactivated for 5 weeks now and its' HEAVEN. No lie. Its liberating. Do it!

Lauren Stahl said...

I too am over facebook, I hardly looked at it while on vacation and didn't miss it really. I hope your solo travel went well. Tanner pooped on the plane just after take off when we flew to florida, and then he proceeded to want to nurse the rest of the journey...I did it, sitting next to a twelve year old flying by himself :-)Probably scarred the kid for life, but it was that or let him scream...I did have my cover though so you couldn't see anything!