Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Observations and Revelations: a 40 hour getaway

So if you didn't read about the dirty, knitty gritty of our trip, you should do that first.  Come back.  I'll wait.

Two trips to the airport in one day with two kids means the second trip there requires ice cream.  And 14 suckers.  And gummies.  And goldfish.  And basically anything he wanted to keep him from throwing himself on the gross floor of the airport.

We change diapers before we get on airplanes.  Since I was flying solo I clearly need the 'family restroom'.  We waited a good ten minutes for the door to unlock (while th 2 year old sat on the aforementioned disgusting airport floor) and I was certain the Duggars were going to come out of that bathroom.  Nope.  Just a guy who works at the Taco Bell in the food court.  For real.  I am pretty sure the words "Are you serious?" came out of my mouth upon his exit.

On the return trip, after the TSA violated me and left my husband juggling two children and six shoes and a diaper bag, the TSA agent says to me "another burnt northerner".  What's your point? 

Our kids love water.  They come by it honestly.  It was a blast.

You don't think she looks anything like my Dad do you???

My brother has big muscles.  Just ask him.  On a side note, if you happen to live in St. Louis and are in need of a trainer he's starting a new job today.  Let me know if you want deets.

I got more vouchers from Delta in my email today.  Maybe they'll start sending them a few times a week.  It was a pretty good letter...

After reading my Facebook feed this morning it's pretty apparent that we slept through some sirens.  The roof appears to still be in tact.  Who really wants to take their kids to the basement in the middle of the night?  I figure if the dog isn't up shitting himself then we're good.

I read an exceprt from Tina Fey's new book yesterday.  You can read it here and a million other blogs across the web.  It is funny and smart and true.  I will be buying it in its entirity.  Just can't decide if I want to read it on the iPad or in the real, paper form.

Someone please tell me how it's possible that the baby is 6 months old tomorrow.  Please.  I have major plans for a 6 month photo shoot with yours truly as the photog.  However, the Atlantic is currently running through our backyard.  I refuse to take the pictures inside, the grass is too green.  Stay tuned.

I will leave with a final thought on our reunion weekend.  There are few words to describe how it feels to see your children with their great grandparents.  That is three generations of love.  And for me, those memories, that image, I will cherish.  Forever. 

The Best part?  Considering a new closing line.  That's what she said.


Marilyn said...

If you are serious and that is going to be your new closing line, I won't read your blog anymore. Where is your brother starting his job? I go to a trainer at Club Fitness in Rock Hill.

Amber said...

Im highly impressed with your traveling abilities. I only had one child and didnt have to come back later that day and spent eight dollars or so on crayons from the gift shop because Spiderman was on them, we also probably never ate a decent thing all day.
P.S. Maybe I should just move to St Loius. :) Kidding.