Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been busy. Or uninspired. Or both this week. Apologies for the absence.

New shopping carts at the grocery store made my day this morning. I thought that, then I texted that, then I typed it here. Now I have determined I need to get a life. But. They do float like a Cadillac through the aisles.

Went to see our favorite major league baseball team play last night. In the good seats. The ones with the fancy dinner and the booze. Pretty much the best way to watch a baseball game. Made even better by a win.

Cutting your own bangs is never a good idea.  Never.

Swing set raising tonight. To. Night. I know a two year old who will FLIP out tomorrow morning. FLIP.

Had a play date/ birthday celebration yesterday. Every playdate should involve cupcakes and mimosas.

Remember when I wrote that speech? About that sorority? Then they got mad at me and yelled at me like I was 15? And i had to go private for a hot minute? Well. Those girls I wrote about, I am spending my weekend with them. Without husbands. Without children. With the breast pump. And them. We are celebrating 30. Celebrating friendships. Laughter. Love. Celebrating each other. We will also be those 30 year old women who knock on the sorority house door and ask for a tour. We never answered the door for those women. It will be epic. 

Spring is here friends. Hope it shows up wherever you are in time for the weekend.

The Best part? The reunion. Clearly the reunion.

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Brandi said...

Yeah I've tried the cutting my own bangs thing...never works out that well :)