Monday, April 25, 2011

O&R nothingness

I have implemented a daily laundry ritual. Ok fine, I missed Monday and Tuesday but I am trying to do a small load a day. See the days where I do 7 loads overwhelm me. And make me want to throw everything away instead of washing it.

I discovered that one of the two nursing bras I have been wearing for six months now has a genius feature. While I was struggling to out a strap perfect on without pulling a muscle (as seen in TV Strap Perfect, works but a pain in the ass to get on) I realized that the back the straps on the aforementioned nursing bra have a hook! To hook the straps together!!! So that you can wear 'racer back' stuff!!! That's what we called it in swimming, I don't know what the shirts are actually called. Anyway. Every bra should have it. Hear that bra makers?

Did you see above I have been nursing BGB for 6 months? I deserve as award. What? Oh. That's what a lot of moms do? Still going to throw a party for myself. Deal.

I will not complain about the rain. I will not complain about the rain. I will not complain about the rain.

Upon finding the first Easter egg my smart little boy said, 'Mommy, you hatch this for me?' Brilliance.

Our month of crazy is finally drink to a close. I can't believe May is almost here. Looking forward to the flowers.

Anyone know how to set up a subscription thingamajig on blogger? Had a few requests and don't have the foggiest.

The Best part? The crazy is almost over. Welcome back unpacked calendar.

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McCulloch Family said...

1. They still call the "Y" in the back of tops racerback.
2. You DO deserve a party for nursing for 6 months. It's a big deal. And no, not everyone does it for that long. Trust me. I made it to 10 months and thought I should have a television show honoring me. True story.
3. When I bargain with my 3.5 year old, she now completes the convo with "It's a deal!" Love it.
4. Subscription to your blog? As in become a follower? I'm lost on this one if it's a separate issue.
5. I notice you are now adverstising on your blog. GO GIRL!!!

Meredith said...

oh my gosh, i hated nursing bras! since i nursed for what felt like forever, i basically gave up and went back to regular bras and just pulled them on up. so fun right? ;)