Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I didn't worry enough.

That's not entirely true. I worried plenty about my kids and how they would do. Aside from a poop as soon as we got on the plane (from the baby) they were rockstars. Especially considering the circumstances.

I'll give you the Cliff's notes version (does anyone still use those things?). That guy was brilliant.

We got to the airport on Friday morning only to learn our flight had been cancelled (Delta claimed mechanical, I call bullshit, flight wasn't full so they didn't fly). Everyone else on the flight had gotten a phone call hours earlier. I got no phone call. So. There I was. Two children in tow, a husband already at our destination, and apathetic, awful customer service representatives. I was offered standby seats, lunch vouchers, and a few eye rolls as I cried and screamed and pounded on the desk. 45 minutes later miraculously they found two seats on a sold out flight. Below is a scathing email I wrote to Delta about my experience. Enjoy.

I am sure you get these all the time. I am sure you don't even read them. I am sure I can expect a form response telling me that you are very sorry for the inconvenience. All I can do is hope a human being reads this email in it's entirety.

Friday morning I was scheduled to fly to Tampa with my children in tow to meet my parents and husband. It's a trip that has been booked for months (January in fact). My grandparents have not met my children. This was a much anticipated, much hyped trip. We arrived at CVG at 9:30 on Friday morning for our 11:15 flight. Upon standing in line to check in, other passengers shared with me that the flight to Tampa has been cancelled.
Everyone in line got a phone call around 8am to tell them the news. I got no phone call. No email. No correspondence from your company. Nothing.
The ticketing agent blamed a mechanical problem. I am a college educated media professional (in Cincinnati). I am not stupid. The flight had no mechanical problems, you made a business decision. It was not full so you cancelled it. I get it. I do. It was a business decision. That's fine. But do you ever consider the people whose lives you are affecting when you do that? Do you consider that a mother is flying alone with her two children to see her grandparents? Do you consider that maybe you should ensure that everyone on that plane has an alternate way to get where they are going before you just cancel it? Obviously not.
By the time I got up to the ticketing agent (a 30 minute wait) there were no flights to get myself and my children to Tampa. None. She offered me a meal voucher (a 6$ meal voucher) and said she would book me standby for a later flight or standby for the following day. So Delta wanted me to come back to the airport (after being dropped off by a neighbor) to maybe get on a later flight. I am sure you can understand why that is a ridiculous option. Since I had seats on the flight you cancelled. You made the decision to cancel the flight. I did not. I was there on time, ready to fly. Had I gotten a phone call or an email at 8am like the other passengers I would have had the opportunity to rebook on a flight (that at that point wasn't full yet) and while it would have been a pain, it would be nothing compared to what I experienced at your ticket counter.
I requested a manager three times before one came to speak to me. She was curt, rude, apathetic, and stared right through me while I cried to her about my grandparents and a cancelled flight. She could not have cared less if she had tried.
It was 25 minutes of screaming and crying at your ticket counter before miraculously they found me two seats on the 4p flight. Why does it take an irate customer (who paid FULL price for tickets) screaming and crying at your ticket counter with her children for your company to try to do the right thing?
I left the airport with two $50 Delta vouchers and not even ONE apology from anyone who works for your company. Not ONE. No one told me they were sorry for the inconvenience. People who voluntarily give up their seats get a lot more than a voucher to cover the cost of checking luggage on your airline. It will take a lot more than that to right this wrong.
Your customer service is horrific, you should be ashamed of the way you treat people. I certainly would be.
I will look forward to hearing what part of this is my fault. In the meantime, I am sharing my story with anyone who will listen in hopes that no one else has to experience the truly awful things I did while doing business with your airline.

I am kind of known for my emails. I don't want to say I am famous per say but generally I get a response. This time was no different. This morning, less than 24 hours after I wrote the email I got a lengthy response from a real person (Henry) who was very apologetic and issued us some more vouchers. While it doesn't make up for the misery they caused it softens the blow a bit.

So if you ever need help chewing someone a new asshole. I'm your girl.

The Best part? Despite the airline... it was a wonderful trip.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

You are awesome. I can also rip someone a new one like it's my job. Especially when their customer service SUCKS. So sorry you dealt with that. Glad it worked out in the end!