Saturday, March 19, 2011

Say what?

I suck at journaling. Like actually writing stuff down. My friend Megan is amazing at it. She writes it all down. Milestones, changes, what they said and when, she's got it.

This is my journal. And as I mentioned, now I have a book with my blog posts from last year. I plan to continue that so that someday when I am sitting on a rocker on my front porch I can read about our lives.

And so. That brings me to a new regular post. Say what? Toddlers are hilarious. When they are figuring out how the world works and how things go together what they say is priceless. Sure. My kid won't be as funny to you as your kid but I thought you could at least enjoy a chuckle.

Here we go.

Sitting on the potty one morning. 'Mommy! My penis is broken! We have to fix it!'. I quickly shared with him that that is Daddy's department, not Mommy's.

Doing sidewalk chalk in the driveway of our cul de sac. One car drives by. 'Mommy, it sure is busy out here!'

Doing flashcards. 'That's a orange circle!' 'Good buddy! Can you say orange in Spanish?'. 'Orange in Spanish.'.

Running through the living room (clearly he needs a cape or I need to tie a towel around his neck). 'Super Cannon to the rescue!!!'

'I'm awesome!'. Self confidence, what?

'You can ride in the cart and have a sucker or you can walk around the store.'. 'I want to walk. With my sucker.'

Ok, fine. Its funnier when it's your own kid. Deal with it.

Happy weekend friends.

The Best part? The broken penis. Duh.

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