Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An ode.

I survived. Two days as a single working mom of two.

I bow down to the moms who do it all the time. I have no idea. No idea.


Maybe I do know. I know that you are always tired. Perhaps always on edge. Maybe your kids have M&M's for breakfast. Maybe they went to bed without baths. Maybe you bribe a few more times than you like. Maybe you are ready to head out the door and your four month old poops. Through her clothes. Maybe you collapse at 9 at night. Maybe you try to figure out how many days you can go without washing your hair. Maybe dinner consists of wine. Maybe your kids have M&M's for dinner too. Or ketchup. Ever done the q-tip makeup trick? Maybe you have laundry and dishes coming out of your eye balls and would rather just throw it all away.

Maybe you are better than I am.

Maybe you are my hero. No. You are for sure my hero.

The Best part? Tomorrow, I am still single but at least I can stay in my pj's.

Second guest post. MaƱana. Details forthcoming. Wine time.

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Hillie Gaither said...

all i heard was...birth control birth control birth control...holy crap she's 4 months old...birth control birth control.