Sunday, March 27, 2011

Observations and Revelations

Remember me? I am the one who gave advice on mistakes I made in feeding our toddler. For the last two days he has eaten peanut butter toast for every meal. Every. Meal. It's whole grain bread. Peanut butter has protein. Lay off.

He had a mullet. I bribed him with the last Ted Drewes (famous St. Louis custard, if you are ever there do not miss it) to let me cut his hair. Judge away. Sometimes you just have to. And making sure your child doesn't look like a ragamuffin is one of those times. For the record he only had like four bites. I also cut some of my own hair to show him it didn't hurt. He was not convinced.

I am pretty sure my mom will judge me for both of the above items.

We have those child proof drawer and cabinet stoppers. You know, cause when your baby starts walking they can instantly reach the top drawer. The one on the silverware drawer hasn't worked in more than a year. But now it works. I will break all of my fingernails before I retrain my brain to remember it locks now.

I got lots of compliments on my butt last night. From married men. Ahem. I made two Boston butts to feed a small army of friends last night. But rest assured, my real butt is nice too.

Riddle me this. If your toddler sleeps across the hall from your five month old. And its time for your five month old to cry it out at three am. What's a girl to do. Cause my real like nightmare would be both of my kids awake at 3 in the morning.

It's Sunday. Fun day. Leftovers and sweatpants styles. Bring on my butt.

Here's to a terrific week!

The Best part? My butt.


Marilyn said...

I had that fear when we first moved Evan to the nursery. Ian and Evan have an adjoining wall, and Evan has cried a lot at night - you know, because we are on round 3 of bronchialitis - and Ian hasn't woken up once. I think they're growing so much at that age, they sleep very deeply.

Brandi said...

Lol! You really crack me up! Love your posts! :)