Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I painted my toenails teal. When I was a lifeguard in high school and college I had every obnoxious color of nail polish there was. I am currently inspired by my 18 year old self. Toes only.

The toddler took his bike helmet and a bar of soap to bed on Friday night. If that's what makes you happy and helps you sleep until 7, consider it done.

I did a link up on Saturday. I did it wrong. Shocking. Fortunately better bloggers have pity on me and fixed it. Perhaps I will figure it out for myself next time.

When it's warm outside we stay up later. It's like a new awakening. Only we stay up drinking. As a result I am exhausted and by Wednesday.

Took the two year old to the dentist. Like most things I worry too much about this one was also a non event. Although. I will say the the dentist and the hygienist made the unfortunate mistake of talking in their 'I am talking to a toddler so I make my voice go really high and pretend like I can't pronounce things' voice. It's just creepy. And the kid thinks so too.

Do you ever think about stuff your parents told you when you were little that makes zero sense now? Like why couldn't they drive with a light on in the car? Never been a problem for me. I wonder what we are telling our kids that they will look back on with a virtual eye roll.

If anyone has a miracle cure for thrush I will take it. Using the prescription. Persistent little fungus.

Will be outside today until the monster cold front rolls through bringing cold temperatures again just in time for the swing set raising on Saturday.

Sometimes I think autocorrect just thinks it knows what I want to say and says it. Even if nothing is misspelled.

It might not sound it. But. Life is interesting at the Best part house these days.

Know what I hate? When people are cryptic in blog posts.

Happy Hump day friends.

The Best part? No snot running out of the nose climbing up mommy terrified cries at the dentist.


Aly said...

Love the latest observations.
Wondering what could make life more interesting...

Meggie Dials said...

Especially love the light in the car comment. Totally agree!

Corey said...

I promise not to be cryptic for too kong Al. Right Megs? My mom also told me once to be careful not to vacuum up the vacuum cord. Really? Never been an issue....

Rebecca said...

Ok, I can't drive with the light on in the car. I cant see as well. That being said if it keeps the baby quiet, then never mind me!

Got thrush? You need Gentian Violet. It's a purple miracle. It is kind of hard to find. Email me if you need.

Brandi said...

This made me laugh Corey!

I think teal is a very pretty color for the toes! Yay for you :)

Lol@ If that's what makes you happy and helps you sleep until 7, consider it done

And I'd totally forgotten about the whole can't drive with the light on in the car thing! I do remember my parents saying that! What was that all about?! LOL

Have a good day :)

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

My parents TOTALLY did the whole "no light in the car" thing, too. I'm pretty sure my dad told me it was against the law. So, if I had to turn it on to actually look for something, I was always on the lookout for the cops, lest we get sent to jail because I dropped my crayon.

Anyhoo, I have a theory about that: I think they just wanted me to shut up and go to sleep.

Corey said...

I love that e everyones parents were so concerned about driving with the light on... Never mind the fact that i was actually standing in the front seat of the station wagon elbows on the dashboard....

Michelle said...

I'm new follower. I found you through The Poop Whisperer. You're too funny! I totally agree with you on the autocorrect thing!

Corey said...

@Michelle. Welcome! So glad you found my little corner of the Internet :) please blame all typos and words that don't make sense on autocorrect. :)

McCulloch Family said...

Ditto on the light on in the car comment. Still to this day when I turn it on I try to make it as BRIEF as possible just in case a cop drives by and catches me breaking the law.

Thrush: I treated my food intake as though I had a yeast infection (lots of yogurt and cranberry juice). But then I also was told by my Ped to use a specific mouthwash swabbed on a Qtip in the baby's mouth both before and after a nursing session and also on your nips before and after. It's a cleanser...think it's called Clorosept. It's Yellow. Let me know if you want the true name and I'll get it to you :)