Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Observations and Revelations

New mantra for handling toddler tantrums: Keep calm and carry on. Now if I can remember that through the screaming...

Why is it that the dog can go like 15 hours without going out when no one is home but when we are home he has to go out every 5 minutes?

Four days without adult interaction (save work but that hardly counts) and so each time the my better half called I verbally vomited all over him over the phone. Last phone call he could barely get a word in to tell me he might miss his connection and might not make it home tonight. He is at present lacing up his runners. He will either have to run to catch a plane or run home from Detroit.

My two year old came up from the basement just minutes ago and said: 'something on my hand Mommy! You clean it?'. To which I enthusiastically replied 'of course I will!'. It was poop.

You may recall that 6 days ago I ran a mile for the first time. Ever. Today I ran two. You may recall that you didn't care the first time and really don't care this time.

I should have built an arc. March showers bring 80's in April? I am certain there is nothing in the mailbox worth drowning over.

I know. Most people don't like 'springing ahead'. I get it. You lose an hour. But. It might be just what our early rising household needs. Yes. That means the 50$ nite lite is not working.

Love all the fun new visitors I got after my second guest installment over at the Poop Whisperer! You didn't check it yet? Go! But come back. Please. Hope the new visitors enjoy the ride.

I am over my Charlie Sheen obsession. I now just find him narcissistic and annoying. Please add him to the list that includes Jersey Shore and golden voice Ted Williams.

I am always pleasantly surprised when someone tells me the house smells good. You can't smell your own house. Can you? I can't. I always assume it smells like dirt, children, and dog. Apparently it doesn't. Or maybe the candle is working.

That's all I've got.  That and laundry.  And cold wine.  And maybe some popcorn.

The Best part? He's on his way home.

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Rebecca said...

No, I care. I think it's great you can run that much. I need to start but wish I could skip the struggles.

I tried to start a couple of months but then my hormones came back. Ahem.

But no time like the present and the looming threat of swimsuit season. Yah.