Friday, March 4, 2011

Observations and Revelations: I didn't die.

I just ran a mile. For the first time ever. Without stopping (fine, had to stop once to pee. Note to self: more kegels). This is a major victory for my body beating my brain. I spent the whole time composing an amazing blogpost about it in my head. Then I started writing said blogpost and failed.

Then. I cut a onesie off a four month old. Not sure what to do with the pillow she was lounging on. Amazing what nuts and fish do for a nursing baby's rear end. Garbage.

Had dinner with friends last night. Without our children. Without our husbands. We could have eaten turkey sandwiches and still had a blast laughing at our children, our parenting skills and fails, our lives now. Bonus that the food was delish.

After said fun I basically had a newborn again and was up at 2 and 5. Hoping she picks up this cereal on a spoon is a good thing soon. Mixed it with applesauce this morning (something I wouldn't have dreamed of my first time around). Still didn't eat it. Peanut butter next time.

Sometimes I wish my 2 year old would just pee in his diaper and keep on sleeping in the morning. Is that wrong????

Having pizza for dinner tonight and you can't stop me.

Happy weekend friends. Hope your plans are fabulous.

The Best part? 1.25 tomorrow.

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Aly said...

So proud of you! The first mile was the hardest one for me. It's just like you said, your body beating your brain... beating the "I can't".

and pizza sounds delish, btw. yum.