Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Observations and Revelations: I. Am. Back.

In case you were wondering. I have not made one bow since I committed to do so. I haven't even bought ribbon. I have however fallen for an etsy shop with HUGE fabulous ones. Two words. Black. Toile. If you know me, this is right up there with damask.

I wonder if the nickname 'garbage butt' will stick with Emme. It must be the nuts I am eating. It's seriously horrendous.

The Internet is back a the Best part house. Six days. Ok, fine. Five and a a half. Still. It was tough. Survived. Along with the Internet going the freezer broke, so did a toilet and the treadmill. All while the husband was out of town. All appear to be working again after some handy work. So what if you have to pry the face off the treadmill and mess with some plugs in the back to make it speed up?

During the time sans Internet I decided I could commit to. No email or Facebook or blogging during our getaway without children over our anniversary. What? I didn't tell you? The Greenbrier. We are going. Can. Not. Wait.

This is the baby food face. This may take some time.

But. With these tree trunks. She is not starving.

So much to tell you. So many blogs to catch up on! Will have to wait. The sun is out. Off to see if our retinas still work.

The Best part? I am back.

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