Sunday, March 6, 2011

Observations and Revelations: Beat.

There are days where I need a nap (read: everyday) but almost never take one and there are days where I NEED a nap and might die without one. Today was one of the latter. It was also the first day in months that both kids didn't go down at the same time. I squeezed in 20 minutes and woke up to a two year old knocking on his door to get out of his room.

I promise if I survive this week to pay homage to working single Moms and moms everywhere whose husbands travel all the time.

Think the baby is going through a growth spurt. Can't seem to fill her up. Supplementing with formula (gasp) which she sucks down after nursing. Drinking more water and hoping to catch my supply up to her needs. However. Those 'you can just stop nursing' thoughts are creeping in more often.

You know that face a baby makes when you put a spoon full of goo in their mouth the first time? Then the subsequent tongue pushing out of said goo? Yep. That's where we are on solids.

The weekend really started Wednesday when we went out on a school night. Then I had girls dinner on Thursday. Fabulous Stella & Dot party on Saturday and then out downtown last night. Yes. The babysitter is on the payroll. Line item styles. The bags. Under my eyes. Resemble craters.

I bought one of those plastic cups with a straw thats reusable for water. I am certain I will both save the earth and be able to suck down 100 ounces of water a day.

I am currently in the planning stages of a getaway sans kids. So far the destinations I have considered are: Key West, Miami, Charleston, Vegas, San Francisco. The list goes on. I am pretty close to just booking a trip without consulting Dano. Now, if someone could stop the airlines from raping and pillaging customers it would be easier. I have not found one ticket for less than 400$. Indy is starting to sound like an exotic, romantic destination. Cheers.

That's all the juice I got.

The Best part? Baby-sitters on payroll.

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Katie Gibson said...

Travel destination: No-brainer. San Francisco. Book it!