Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been waiting on this post. I wanted my younger brother to guest post. He is apparently too busy. Now that I have called him out he will write it. Anyway.

He is a trainer. Has like no body fat. 8 pack. You get it. Oh and even before he was a trainer could eat whatever he wanted and not gain weight.

So, after my post about my (recently overcome) obsession with the digital scale, we exchanged a few text messages.

Why do my clothes fit better but the number on the scale hasn't moved? Why have I been working out for xx weeks now and the number hasn't moved? Why is it that my BMI classifies me as obese but I wear normal sized clothes and certainly don't consider myself obese?

Anyone else feel this way? Here's what he said.

Put the scale away. Weigh yourself every couple weeks. Once a month. It is not about the number on the scale. It's about how you think you look naked.

Um, what? Like without clothes? Sans skivvies? Hurumph.

You want me to look in the mirror? At myself? Naked? I avoid eye contact. With myself. I wear a towel. I look away.

Hard to know how I think I look since I don't (or didn't) look in the mirror naked. LBS my post two babies in two years, nursing, stretched out, cellulite taken over body wasn't really what I needed to see before or after the shower. I have old man skin on my belly. Truth. No need to see it. But he was right.

So, I looked. I didn't cry. Or scream in horror. And I have continued to look. Not inspect. Just look. I have found my ribs again. My arms have less jiggle. My legs are getting stronger. And that part of your butt cheek that falls over your thighs? It really doesn't anymore. TMI?

I have been jogging. I can go 2 miles now. And I don't hate it. I don't love it. But I do love how I feel. I do love how my clothes fit (or almost fit like they used to). I do love that the number on the scale (that I only get out once a week) is going down. And I can make eye contact with my nekked self in the mirror.

Ever been on a journey to be healthier? To lose a few pounds and to feel better about yourself and have someone who has no idea you are working on it say, 'you losing weight? You look great!'. I have. That'll make your day.

So I will tell you. I have lost 8 pounds. Since the last week of January. I am eating better but not dieting. Just making smarter decisions. I did not and will not quit the wine habit. I haven't taken up any drug habits that suppress my appetite. And my husband has lost more than double me (damn men, that should be illegal).

Back to the point of my post. Ignore your scale. Look at your nekked self. Check yo muffin top. See how your jiggle is. Oh and ignore your BMI. Ross (the brother) says it's BS. You too can have this stretched out still need to lose 10 pounds, cellulite taken over two babies in two years body.

The Best part? I do. I really do feel better.


Lauren Stahl said...

Way to go! If you want a quick workout that will kick your butt try Jillian Michael's new Ripped in 30 video, it is AMAZING! I lost two pounds and 3 inches last week. I probably have a lot more to go than you, so it might come of quicker on me, but you are doing awesome and thanks for the advice, I too am considered obese, so that info was helpful!

CaSandra said...

"Check yo muffin top."
My new favorite phrase; thanks!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

The cellulite KILLS me. I've always had it....I don't think it will ever go away....