Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you don't know what it means, look it up.  It's not taking the place of the ever popular "Observations and Revelations".  My thoughts are not coherrent enough to consider them "O&R".  So today, it's logorrhea.

When he learned to sit up.  Crawl.  Walk.  Anytime he learns a new skill he sleeps like shit.  Add potty training to the list.  Thing is.  We're not even pushing it that hard.  He's not even 2 1/2.  I refuse to force it.  But. He did go on the potty 5 times at school yesterday!  But.  He doesn't tell you yet when he has to go.  Except at 6am.  When he gets up, goes and is up for the day.  Cheers.  Short of moving the potty into his room (which I am not above) I am at a loss.  We're cutting off sippys after 6pm.  Sips of water after that but no more sucking down 200oz of milk before bed.  It's just a phase.  It's just a phase.  It's just a phase.

On a related note.  No more snacking.  We will eat meals.  Not us, him.  He loves pretzels.  Crackers.  Raisons.  It's our fault.  So.  No time like the present.  It's time to fix these eating habits.  No more snacking constantly.  At some point he will figure out that there is better food in the world than hotdogs, chicken fingers and pb&j.  Some point.

Messing with the baby's schedule.  She's just not on a good night time schedule.  She sleeps a lot.  (Totally jinxed it by mentioning she was sleeping 13 mas) Usually like 8 hours.  But.  The time between 5pm and 10 pm is what's off.  Cannon took a nap at this time when he was little.  So she did too last night.  Napped from 6-8 then went back down at 9.  We shall see.  Poor thing can't stay awake past 7.

I'm published.  Sort of.  My Mom got me a gift certificate to a website ( and I turned 2010's Best part into a book.  Love it.  Love that I can do this every year and have them as a collection.  Surely this internet thing is just a fad anyway.

I can't get enough Charlie Sheen.  Can't get enough.  Winning.

Checked out Stella & Dot's collection yet?  Perhaps buy something to help CF research. Mkay?

We're going out on a school night.  Never happens. 

This blog post?  I've had better.  Thanks for letting me unload my brain.

The Best part? Sushi tonight.

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