Tuesday, March 1, 2011

good things happen.

Good things happen when you open your mouth or in this case unleash your fingers.  Last night I posted this.  My good friend Erin's little boy Drew has cystic fibrosis.  There's no federal funding for research so it's up to us to raise the money to help find a cure.  She's got a lot of businesses stepping up to help raise money. 

Let's add one more to that list.

It just happens that I am hosting a Stella & Dot party this weekend.  Ever checked it out?  Who doesn't need new jewels this spring?  Here's the Best part.  I am now hosting two S&D parties.  One at my house (love my loyals but would that be weird if everyone came here?) and one right here, from the comfort of your couch, on my blog.

Here's what you do.  Check out the fabulous duds by clicking here.  Then, when you select your goods, under hostess name enter "Best Part".  That's first name Best, last name Part.  When you do that, 20% of proceeds will go to cystic fibrosis research in honor of my friend Erin's son Drew.

Like I said yesterday.  I don't do this.  You don't come here for giveaways or product reviews.  You come here because you can relate.  You come here to laugh.  You come here because no one is perfect and everyone needs a reminder of that sometimes.  I am so grateful you come here.  This time, I hope you can come here and help.  Please.

The Best part?  You can help save the lives of thousands of kids.  What's not to like?

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