Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brief O&R & 7 things

He was crabby. Not sleeping. Not eating. I was going to trade him in. Took him to the doctor instead. Double ear infection. First ones since he got tubes in August of 2009. Not a bad record. Just hope that we don't start earning them back.

Trader Joe's BBQ chicken teriyaki. Do it. Trust me.

The weekend is almost here. But. I am flying solo. Boo.

Sweet Brandi over at Home Team Dreams (I am a total sucker for her damask and love of black and white) gave me a couple blogger awards. She should have given me the slacker award. So she gave me the 'stylish blog' award (first time I have ever been called stylish). And the 7 facts award. That's the one where you tell 7 random facts about yourself. I kind of feel like every O&R is just that. But. Without further adieu.

1. I have OCD. Not in the 'I wash my hands a million times a day' or 'I have to touch every doorknob 17 times' (did you see that True Life episode too?) kind of way. But in the, I hate when the temperature controls in the car are set to different temperatures. Bothers me. I prefer the driver, passenger, and back to be the same temp. Doesn't go over that well on road trips. Along those lines I also hate when something is left blinking. Like if you open the microwave door and interrupt cooking, then don't hit clear and it flashes 'press start'. Drives me bonkers.

2. My husband and I call each other Jo. Neither of us is named Jo. Not even a middle name. Pretty sure people who just meet us think we are nuts. It stems from a drunk night many many years ago where we came up with an 'Indiana' name for me. I was living and working in East Jesus. Also known as BFE. And we decided that to fit in I needed to go by Corey Jo. Fascinating. I know.

3. Ever since having children, I wear a white tank top under everything. I mean right now it serves dual purposes to allow me to nurse and not show off my old man belly. But for some reason, I can't put something on without a tank top underneath.

4. If you asked me what I really want to do for a living I would say write. I want to write a book. I wrote one chapter months ago. Haven't touched it since. If you were wondering, its not a murder mystery romance novel. It's a Mom book. Aren't enough of those out there.

5. Math and I do not get along. At all. Beyond simple addition and subtraction my brain shuts off. I think it started in pre-algebra in 7th grade with my teacher Hak Cheng. Bless you. Anyway. His English was bad and so were my math skills. Never looked back. Got a 'D' in managerial accounting in college. And I am the one who pays the bills over here. Comforting. I know. Oh and those 'if Suzy walks four miles, and Bobby is five feet tall, and Alex eats a donut for breakfast, then how much does Johnny weigh?' questions? Don't even get me started.

6. I was an intern at the TODAY show in New York City in September of 2001. Heavy. Right after that, I took off to Spain for six months.

7. Today I bought a Mickey Mouse plate and a Cars plate. Really against everything I stand for as a parent. We don't do characters on clothes. Just don't. Don't mind if others do but you won't find Winnie the Pooh or Woody on our clothes (save a few pairs of pj's). Bought the plates because I am determined to get him to eat. I know he's got ear infections and doesn't eat when he's sick but somehow he still manages to request goldfish. So the plates are divided and have his favorite characters on them. Maybe food will taste better on them too.

Are you DYING for more yet? The 'who's the best part' page on the blog has more zingers and fascinating tidbits.
Thanks Brandi! That was fun!

The Best part? She thinks I'm stylish.


Brandi said...

Lol! Corey you always make me laugh! Glad you liked the awards! :) I really love your blog!

I love the fact that you and your husband call eachother Jo! Lol! I don't know WHY I think that is so funny but I'm really cracking up about it! I think it's cute :)

Is it weird that I wear a tank under everything (other than dresses) and I haven't had children yet? I always have to have a tank. I don't know why but I must! I have them in every color and I wear one every single day. It's weird. I'm a busty girl so maybe I think an extra layer will conceal these things even more. No clue.

And math...math and I definitely are not friends whatsover. In college, I held out on taking my one math class that I needed until my last semester! I can't even believe that I am going to share this but mid-way through my final semester, I was doing so poorly, my professor told me that she would just give me a D but I need not come back to class. I took it. Better than an F. I never went back to class but I was on edge for the rest of the semester wondering if she would honor her word. Lol!

It was really fun reading your 7 facts!

Rebecca said...

Ahhhhhh mista cheng. I actually liked him, but I am a nerd.

Tank top? Wearing one now. I find it concealing and smoothing.

Wow, that is heavy!

Fun post.

Jess said...

3. ME TOO. I have a super stretchy one that I wear under everything. I feel naked without it.

4. I have three books that I've half written. One is almost finished. Or was, three years ago. I suck.

5. I minored in Math. I was two classes away from a double major, one in math, but didn't want to stay in school any longer.

Corey said...

So glad i am not the only one with the tank too obsession, it's about time for some new ones over here.
Jess, with your three half written books, math skills and my tank tops we could totally hit the bet seller list. Shit Snooki did.

Lauren Stahl said...

I too wear a tank top every day! I have a little OCD in that when I buy gas it has to end in a 0 or 5, not sure why.
Also, did cannon's tubes fall out? Maddie's did and she immediately started getting infections tubes going in May 2, along with tonsils and adenoids coming out :-(

Corey said...

Yep. Tubes are out... Really hope that we don't earn them back... Hope with fewer germs and summer coming it will be ok... Poor Maddie!

kim {the non-mom blogger} said...

I own approximately three million white tank tops. This tummy needs all the coverage it can get....

I hate character clothing, but I buy the kids the ugliest, cartoon-laden PJs imaginable. They can look fugly in the confines of our home :-)