Thursday, March 31, 2011

Brief O&R & 7 things

He was crabby. Not sleeping. Not eating. I was going to trade him in. Took him to the doctor instead. Double ear infection. First ones since he got tubes in August of 2009. Not a bad record. Just hope that we don't start earning them back.

Trader Joe's BBQ chicken teriyaki. Do it. Trust me.

The weekend is almost here. But. I am flying solo. Boo.

Sweet Brandi over at Home Team Dreams (I am a total sucker for her damask and love of black and white) gave me a couple blogger awards. She should have given me the slacker award. So she gave me the 'stylish blog' award (first time I have ever been called stylish). And the 7 facts award. That's the one where you tell 7 random facts about yourself. I kind of feel like every O&R is just that. But. Without further adieu.

1. I have OCD. Not in the 'I wash my hands a million times a day' or 'I have to touch every doorknob 17 times' (did you see that True Life episode too?) kind of way. But in the, I hate when the temperature controls in the car are set to different temperatures. Bothers me. I prefer the driver, passenger, and back to be the same temp. Doesn't go over that well on road trips. Along those lines I also hate when something is left blinking. Like if you open the microwave door and interrupt cooking, then don't hit clear and it flashes 'press start'. Drives me bonkers.

2. My husband and I call each other Jo. Neither of us is named Jo. Not even a middle name. Pretty sure people who just meet us think we are nuts. It stems from a drunk night many many years ago where we came up with an 'Indiana' name for me. I was living and working in East Jesus. Also known as BFE. And we decided that to fit in I needed to go by Corey Jo. Fascinating. I know.

3. Ever since having children, I wear a white tank top under everything. I mean right now it serves dual purposes to allow me to nurse and not show off my old man belly. But for some reason, I can't put something on without a tank top underneath.

4. If you asked me what I really want to do for a living I would say write. I want to write a book. I wrote one chapter months ago. Haven't touched it since. If you were wondering, its not a murder mystery romance novel. It's a Mom book. Aren't enough of those out there.

5. Math and I do not get along. At all. Beyond simple addition and subtraction my brain shuts off. I think it started in pre-algebra in 7th grade with my teacher Hak Cheng. Bless you. Anyway. His English was bad and so were my math skills. Never looked back. Got a 'D' in managerial accounting in college. And I am the one who pays the bills over here. Comforting. I know. Oh and those 'if Suzy walks four miles, and Bobby is five feet tall, and Alex eats a donut for breakfast, then how much does Johnny weigh?' questions? Don't even get me started.

6. I was an intern at the TODAY show in New York City in September of 2001. Heavy. Right after that, I took off to Spain for six months.

7. Today I bought a Mickey Mouse plate and a Cars plate. Really against everything I stand for as a parent. We don't do characters on clothes. Just don't. Don't mind if others do but you won't find Winnie the Pooh or Woody on our clothes (save a few pairs of pj's). Bought the plates because I am determined to get him to eat. I know he's got ear infections and doesn't eat when he's sick but somehow he still manages to request goldfish. So the plates are divided and have his favorite characters on them. Maybe food will taste better on them too.

Are you DYING for more yet? The 'who's the best part' page on the blog has more zingers and fascinating tidbits.
Thanks Brandi! That was fun!

The Best part? She thinks I'm stylish.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Venting. Please and thank you.

I rarely dive into controversy. Don't really vent about things. But that will change today. Just this one time. Unless I like it.

Remember my Saturday scene a few Saturdays ago? This one?

My precious kiddos. My adventurous, hilarious, smart, funny two and a half year old. And his princess of a sister. Just hanging out. Yep. He's got on a bike helmet and halloween pj's. The helmet has Lightening McQueen on it. He loves 'racer queen'. Loves. And he clings on to things. Just temporarily. Most kids do. So he hung out with his helmet with his favorite character on it for a few days. I don't care. His Dad didn't care. It was cute. Funny. Love that he threw on his helmet to go out into the backyard and told me on his way out the door 'safety first mommy!'. I love him for things like that. He is awesome.

When you don't live near your family, your friends are your family. They are the ones you count on when you need some help. They are the ones you spend weekends with. You celebrate and share and support. That's what friends do.

Here's what they don't do.

They don't start a conversation about the pictures of your kiddo in the helmet and take it too far. They don't say 'those pictures of him in the helmet! Those are hilarious.'. Then put their arms up to their chest and make a noise someone (who is out of touch with society and has no grip on what is socially acceptable, let alone sensitive.) might make when mocking a mentally retarded person.

I understand that I laughed at Cannon in the helmet. It's funny. I get it. But. I am his Mom. I can laugh at him. You can't. I mean you can laugh in a light hearted, sweet, adoring way. You can't make fun of him THAT way.

Also. Please don't be an ass. Making motions and noises like that went out in the 90's and should never have been in. The 'R' word should leave your vocabulary. Get with the times. And. Be more sensitive. Please. Our son is healthy and bright. But not all parents are so lucky. Let's remember that. And be sensitive to that.

Also. I will never stop celebrating his sense of adventure, humor, hilarities, and love for life and playing and having fun. Never.

Also. I think my weekly Facebook picture upload is over. At least temporarily. I will email them to friends and family who want to see. There is such a thing as too much sharing. It apparently turns friends into a-holes.

The Best part? Venting. I feel better. Thanks.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Observations and Revelations

Remember me? I am the one who gave advice on mistakes I made in feeding our toddler. For the last two days he has eaten peanut butter toast for every meal. Every. Meal. It's whole grain bread. Peanut butter has protein. Lay off.

He had a mullet. I bribed him with the last Ted Drewes (famous St. Louis custard, if you are ever there do not miss it) to let me cut his hair. Judge away. Sometimes you just have to. And making sure your child doesn't look like a ragamuffin is one of those times. For the record he only had like four bites. I also cut some of my own hair to show him it didn't hurt. He was not convinced.

I am pretty sure my mom will judge me for both of the above items.

We have those child proof drawer and cabinet stoppers. You know, cause when your baby starts walking they can instantly reach the top drawer. The one on the silverware drawer hasn't worked in more than a year. But now it works. I will break all of my fingernails before I retrain my brain to remember it locks now.

I got lots of compliments on my butt last night. From married men. Ahem. I made two Boston butts to feed a small army of friends last night. But rest assured, my real butt is nice too.

Riddle me this. If your toddler sleeps across the hall from your five month old. And its time for your five month old to cry it out at three am. What's a girl to do. Cause my real like nightmare would be both of my kids awake at 3 in the morning.

It's Sunday. Fun day. Leftovers and sweatpants styles. Bring on my butt.

Here's to a terrific week!

The Best part? My butt.

March 27

Baseball starts in four days. 
 The birds have arrived. 
 It's almost April. 
And this is what we wake up to.

Told you she's a whore.

The Best part?  Sunday funday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene

Let's see if i can do it right this time.

Saturday Morning Scene

Linkin' up.  Saturday styles.  With Katie at Loves of Life.

Oh. For the love of rolls.  Makes Mama so proud. 

The Best part?  It's impressive.  Really.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Mother Nature.

You are a whore.

I know. I should play nicer but I am stooping to your level.

You are a whore AND a tease.

Our daffodils are blooming. The trees have buds on them. The grass is that amazing shade of green that just makes you smile.

You are a whore.

We had fabulous days at the park. Slid down the big slides. Ran around. Outside instead of wearing a track in the carpet. We wore shorts and flip flops. Flip flops. Do you hear me?

I painted my toenails with the hopes that someone would see them and appreciate their teal color. I tried on spring clothes for motivation and to see what fit. Cause I was gonna wear it.

I am out of winter clothes that fit thunder thighs (another nickname I am sure she will grow to love). I am out of indoor games. The play-doh is dried out. I was gonna turn the heat off. We were gonna put up a swing set. It's in the garage. Ready to go.

I even opened the windows. To get rid of germs, and must, and winter blah.

You have screwed it all up.

It's 30 out now. It is March 25th. Baseball starts in 6 days. 6 days. And you are going to make it snow on Sunday. Maybe even 3 inches. For real?

You are a whore.

The Best part? Call 'em like I see 'em.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Observations and Revelations

I painted my toenails teal. When I was a lifeguard in high school and college I had every obnoxious color of nail polish there was. I am currently inspired by my 18 year old self. Toes only.

The toddler took his bike helmet and a bar of soap to bed on Friday night. If that's what makes you happy and helps you sleep until 7, consider it done.

I did a link up on Saturday. I did it wrong. Shocking. Fortunately better bloggers have pity on me and fixed it. Perhaps I will figure it out for myself next time.

When it's warm outside we stay up later. It's like a new awakening. Only we stay up drinking. As a result I am exhausted and by Wednesday.

Took the two year old to the dentist. Like most things I worry too much about this one was also a non event. Although. I will say the the dentist and the hygienist made the unfortunate mistake of talking in their 'I am talking to a toddler so I make my voice go really high and pretend like I can't pronounce things' voice. It's just creepy. And the kid thinks so too.

Do you ever think about stuff your parents told you when you were little that makes zero sense now? Like why couldn't they drive with a light on in the car? Never been a problem for me. I wonder what we are telling our kids that they will look back on with a virtual eye roll.

If anyone has a miracle cure for thrush I will take it. Using the prescription. Persistent little fungus.

Will be outside today until the monster cold front rolls through bringing cold temperatures again just in time for the swing set raising on Saturday.

Sometimes I think autocorrect just thinks it knows what I want to say and says it. Even if nothing is misspelled.

It might not sound it. But. Life is interesting at the Best part house these days.

Know what I hate? When people are cryptic in blog posts.

Happy Hump day friends.

The Best part? No snot running out of the nose climbing up mommy terrified cries at the dentist.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Say what?

I suck at journaling. Like actually writing stuff down. My friend Megan is amazing at it. She writes it all down. Milestones, changes, what they said and when, she's got it.

This is my journal. And as I mentioned, now I have a book with my blog posts from last year. I plan to continue that so that someday when I am sitting on a rocker on my front porch I can read about our lives.

And so. That brings me to a new regular post. Say what? Toddlers are hilarious. When they are figuring out how the world works and how things go together what they say is priceless. Sure. My kid won't be as funny to you as your kid but I thought you could at least enjoy a chuckle.

Here we go.

Sitting on the potty one morning. 'Mommy! My penis is broken! We have to fix it!'. I quickly shared with him that that is Daddy's department, not Mommy's.

Doing sidewalk chalk in the driveway of our cul de sac. One car drives by. 'Mommy, it sure is busy out here!'

Doing flashcards. 'That's a orange circle!' 'Good buddy! Can you say orange in Spanish?'. 'Orange in Spanish.'.

Running through the living room (clearly he needs a cape or I need to tie a towel around his neck). 'Super Cannon to the rescue!!!'

'I'm awesome!'. Self confidence, what?

'You can ride in the cart and have a sucker or you can walk around the store.'. 'I want to walk. With my sucker.'

Ok, fine. Its funnier when it's your own kid. Deal with it.

Happy weekend friends.

The Best part? The broken penis. Duh.

Saturday Morning Scene

I'm doing it.  Linking up with Katie at Loves of Life.  Thing is.  Not sure how.  So.  Here's our scene.

It's a bike helmet wearing, exersaucer chilling, letting Daddy sleep in, kinda Saturday here at the Best part.

Saturday Morning Scene

The Best part?  He slept in the helmet.  AND, I think I figured out th link up!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

O &R: gonna be 70.

Normally nap time is a race to get in a workout and a shower. Today I showered. Shaved my legs. And painted my toenails.

It's St.Patrick's day and its gorgeous out. Judge away but i would drink the hell out of a Woodchuck right now.

Skinny jeans are out. You heard it here first. Fine. I am not a fashion maven, I saw it on the TODAY Show. Best. News. Ever. At least for me and my child bearing hips. Bring on the boot cut.

My 2 1/2 year old is wearing a shirt that says 'kiss me I'm awesome' (he is also part Irish) and the baby looks like something green threw up on her. Just sayin'. Love me some dress up.

I am currently watching the NCAA tournament. Butler is playing. Husband did my bracket so I have no idea who I should be rooting for. Truth. There is nothing else on tv and I never sit on my ass during nap time.

Thought you should know.

The Best part? I may actually have that woodchuck.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have been waiting on this post. I wanted my younger brother to guest post. He is apparently too busy. Now that I have called him out he will write it. Anyway.

He is a trainer. Has like no body fat. 8 pack. You get it. Oh and even before he was a trainer could eat whatever he wanted and not gain weight.

So, after my post about my (recently overcome) obsession with the digital scale, we exchanged a few text messages.

Why do my clothes fit better but the number on the scale hasn't moved? Why have I been working out for xx weeks now and the number hasn't moved? Why is it that my BMI classifies me as obese but I wear normal sized clothes and certainly don't consider myself obese?

Anyone else feel this way? Here's what he said.

Put the scale away. Weigh yourself every couple weeks. Once a month. It is not about the number on the scale. It's about how you think you look naked.

Um, what? Like without clothes? Sans skivvies? Hurumph.

You want me to look in the mirror? At myself? Naked? I avoid eye contact. With myself. I wear a towel. I look away.

Hard to know how I think I look since I don't (or didn't) look in the mirror naked. LBS my post two babies in two years, nursing, stretched out, cellulite taken over body wasn't really what I needed to see before or after the shower. I have old man skin on my belly. Truth. No need to see it. But he was right.

So, I looked. I didn't cry. Or scream in horror. And I have continued to look. Not inspect. Just look. I have found my ribs again. My arms have less jiggle. My legs are getting stronger. And that part of your butt cheek that falls over your thighs? It really doesn't anymore. TMI?

I have been jogging. I can go 2 miles now. And I don't hate it. I don't love it. But I do love how I feel. I do love how my clothes fit (or almost fit like they used to). I do love that the number on the scale (that I only get out once a week) is going down. And I can make eye contact with my nekked self in the mirror.

Ever been on a journey to be healthier? To lose a few pounds and to feel better about yourself and have someone who has no idea you are working on it say, 'you losing weight? You look great!'. I have. That'll make your day.

So I will tell you. I have lost 8 pounds. Since the last week of January. I am eating better but not dieting. Just making smarter decisions. I did not and will not quit the wine habit. I haven't taken up any drug habits that suppress my appetite. And my husband has lost more than double me (damn men, that should be illegal).

Back to the point of my post. Ignore your scale. Look at your nekked self. Check yo muffin top. See how your jiggle is. Oh and ignore your BMI. Ross (the brother) says it's BS. You too can have this stretched out still need to lose 10 pounds, cellulite taken over two babies in two years body.

The Best part? I do. I really do feel better.

Observations and Revelations: I. Am. Back.

In case you were wondering. I have not made one bow since I committed to do so. I haven't even bought ribbon. I have however fallen for an etsy shop with HUGE fabulous ones. Two words. Black. Toile. If you know me, this is right up there with damask.

I wonder if the nickname 'garbage butt' will stick with Emme. It must be the nuts I am eating. It's seriously horrendous.

The Internet is back a the Best part house. Six days. Ok, fine. Five and a a half. Still. It was tough. Survived. Along with the Internet going the freezer broke, so did a toilet and the treadmill. All while the husband was out of town. All appear to be working again after some handy work. So what if you have to pry the face off the treadmill and mess with some plugs in the back to make it speed up?

During the time sans Internet I decided I could commit to. No email or Facebook or blogging during our getaway without children over our anniversary. What? I didn't tell you? The Greenbrier. We are going. Can. Not. Wait.

This is the baby food face. This may take some time.

But. With these tree trunks. She is not starving.

So much to tell you. So many blogs to catch up on! Will have to wait. The sun is out. Off to see if our retinas still work.

The Best part? I am back.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fear. Not.

Internet at home.  Busted.  Modem.  Cable company can't come until Wednesday between 12 and 5.

Until then I have blog posts haunting me in my dreams.

So.  A tease.  More of a list for me so I remember what to write about.

Don't change a toddler's naptime. Just don't.  You will lose your temper.  Thank you daylight saving time.

But.  Thank you daylight saving time for real since he's now sleeping past 7.

The face the baby makes when you put baby food in her mouth.

The fascinating world that is the 'Greatest Show on Earth' and how much fun it was.

Lentil soup.  Why it was delicious and then had me up all night with an upset stomach.  Sorry if I poisoned a few dinner guests.

If your husband goes out of town, everything will break.

Oh, and Charlie Sheen.  Go away.  There are more than ten thousand people dead in Japan.  Shut up.  Go away.

Friends.  I will be back.  I promise. 

Until then, I am internet detoxing.  Not voluntarily.

The Best part?  It's kind of quiet at home without internet.  Kinda like it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Observations and Revelations

New mantra for handling toddler tantrums: Keep calm and carry on. Now if I can remember that through the screaming...

Why is it that the dog can go like 15 hours without going out when no one is home but when we are home he has to go out every 5 minutes?

Four days without adult interaction (save work but that hardly counts) and so each time the my better half called I verbally vomited all over him over the phone. Last phone call he could barely get a word in to tell me he might miss his connection and might not make it home tonight. He is at present lacing up his runners. He will either have to run to catch a plane or run home from Detroit.

My two year old came up from the basement just minutes ago and said: 'something on my hand Mommy! You clean it?'. To which I enthusiastically replied 'of course I will!'. It was poop.

You may recall that 6 days ago I ran a mile for the first time. Ever. Today I ran two. You may recall that you didn't care the first time and really don't care this time.

I should have built an arc. March showers bring 80's in April? I am certain there is nothing in the mailbox worth drowning over.

I know. Most people don't like 'springing ahead'. I get it. You lose an hour. But. It might be just what our early rising household needs. Yes. That means the 50$ nite lite is not working.

Love all the fun new visitors I got after my second guest installment over at the Poop Whisperer! You didn't check it yet? Go! But come back. Please. Hope the new visitors enjoy the ride.

I am over my Charlie Sheen obsession. I now just find him narcissistic and annoying. Please add him to the list that includes Jersey Shore and golden voice Ted Williams.

I am always pleasantly surprised when someone tells me the house smells good. You can't smell your own house. Can you? I can't. I always assume it smells like dirt, children, and dog. Apparently it doesn't. Or maybe the candle is working.

That's all I've got.  That and laundry.  And cold wine.  And maybe some popcorn.

The Best part? He's on his way home.


Remember that one time I was a guest poster over at The Poop Whisperer? De. Ja. Vu.

I have made some mistakes. Not afraid to admit it. I think I am at least partially to blame for my incredibly picky eater. Wanna know what I did wrong? What you can do to avoid my mistakes? Just want to laugh at my first time mom mistakes?


I hate goodbyes, but just go.

Promise to come back? Soon?

Just go. Read it.

The Best part? They like me. At least enough to let me fill some space at their place.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An ode.

I survived. Two days as a single working mom of two.

I bow down to the moms who do it all the time. I have no idea. No idea.


Maybe I do know. I know that you are always tired. Perhaps always on edge. Maybe your kids have M&M's for breakfast. Maybe they went to bed without baths. Maybe you bribe a few more times than you like. Maybe you are ready to head out the door and your four month old poops. Through her clothes. Maybe you collapse at 9 at night. Maybe you try to figure out how many days you can go without washing your hair. Maybe dinner consists of wine. Maybe your kids have M&M's for dinner too. Or ketchup. Ever done the q-tip makeup trick? Maybe you have laundry and dishes coming out of your eye balls and would rather just throw it all away.

Maybe you are better than I am.

Maybe you are my hero. No. You are for sure my hero.

The Best part? Tomorrow, I am still single but at least I can stay in my pj's.

Second guest post. MaƱana. Details forthcoming. Wine time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Observations and Revelations: Beat.

There are days where I need a nap (read: everyday) but almost never take one and there are days where I NEED a nap and might die without one. Today was one of the latter. It was also the first day in months that both kids didn't go down at the same time. I squeezed in 20 minutes and woke up to a two year old knocking on his door to get out of his room.

I promise if I survive this week to pay homage to working single Moms and moms everywhere whose husbands travel all the time.

Think the baby is going through a growth spurt. Can't seem to fill her up. Supplementing with formula (gasp) which she sucks down after nursing. Drinking more water and hoping to catch my supply up to her needs. However. Those 'you can just stop nursing' thoughts are creeping in more often.

You know that face a baby makes when you put a spoon full of goo in their mouth the first time? Then the subsequent tongue pushing out of said goo? Yep. That's where we are on solids.

The weekend really started Wednesday when we went out on a school night. Then I had girls dinner on Thursday. Fabulous Stella & Dot party on Saturday and then out downtown last night. Yes. The babysitter is on the payroll. Line item styles. The bags. Under my eyes. Resemble craters.

I bought one of those plastic cups with a straw thats reusable for water. I am certain I will both save the earth and be able to suck down 100 ounces of water a day.

I am currently in the planning stages of a getaway sans kids. So far the destinations I have considered are: Key West, Miami, Charleston, Vegas, San Francisco. The list goes on. I am pretty close to just booking a trip without consulting Dano. Now, if someone could stop the airlines from raping and pillaging customers it would be easier. I have not found one ticket for less than 400$. Indy is starting to sound like an exotic, romantic destination. Cheers.

That's all the juice I got.

The Best part? Baby-sitters on payroll.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still alive.

1.25. Didn't die. Victory.

The Best part? Beating my brain. Again.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Observations and Revelations: I didn't die.

I just ran a mile. For the first time ever. Without stopping (fine, had to stop once to pee. Note to self: more kegels). This is a major victory for my body beating my brain. I spent the whole time composing an amazing blogpost about it in my head. Then I started writing said blogpost and failed.

Then. I cut a onesie off a four month old. Not sure what to do with the pillow she was lounging on. Amazing what nuts and fish do for a nursing baby's rear end. Garbage.

Had dinner with friends last night. Without our children. Without our husbands. We could have eaten turkey sandwiches and still had a blast laughing at our children, our parenting skills and fails, our lives now. Bonus that the food was delish.

After said fun I basically had a newborn again and was up at 2 and 5. Hoping she picks up this cereal on a spoon is a good thing soon. Mixed it with applesauce this morning (something I wouldn't have dreamed of my first time around). Still didn't eat it. Peanut butter next time.

Sometimes I wish my 2 year old would just pee in his diaper and keep on sleeping in the morning. Is that wrong????

Having pizza for dinner tonight and you can't stop me.

Happy weekend friends. Hope your plans are fabulous.

The Best part? 1.25 tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


If you don't know what it means, look it up.  It's not taking the place of the ever popular "Observations and Revelations".  My thoughts are not coherrent enough to consider them "O&R".  So today, it's logorrhea.

When he learned to sit up.  Crawl.  Walk.  Anytime he learns a new skill he sleeps like shit.  Add potty training to the list.  Thing is.  We're not even pushing it that hard.  He's not even 2 1/2.  I refuse to force it.  But. He did go on the potty 5 times at school yesterday!  But.  He doesn't tell you yet when he has to go.  Except at 6am.  When he gets up, goes and is up for the day.  Cheers.  Short of moving the potty into his room (which I am not above) I am at a loss.  We're cutting off sippys after 6pm.  Sips of water after that but no more sucking down 200oz of milk before bed.  It's just a phase.  It's just a phase.  It's just a phase.

On a related note.  No more snacking.  We will eat meals.  Not us, him.  He loves pretzels.  Crackers.  Raisons.  It's our fault.  So.  No time like the present.  It's time to fix these eating habits.  No more snacking constantly.  At some point he will figure out that there is better food in the world than hotdogs, chicken fingers and pb&j.  Some point.

Messing with the baby's schedule.  She's just not on a good night time schedule.  She sleeps a lot.  (Totally jinxed it by mentioning she was sleeping 13 mas) Usually like 8 hours.  But.  The time between 5pm and 10 pm is what's off.  Cannon took a nap at this time when he was little.  So she did too last night.  Napped from 6-8 then went back down at 9.  We shall see.  Poor thing can't stay awake past 7.

I'm published.  Sort of.  My Mom got me a gift certificate to a website ( and I turned 2010's Best part into a book.  Love it.  Love that I can do this every year and have them as a collection.  Surely this internet thing is just a fad anyway.

I can't get enough Charlie Sheen.  Can't get enough.  Winning.

Checked out Stella & Dot's collection yet?  Perhaps buy something to help CF research. Mkay?

We're going out on a school night.  Never happens. 

This blog post?  I've had better.  Thanks for letting me unload my brain.

The Best part? Sushi tonight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

good things happen.

Good things happen when you open your mouth or in this case unleash your fingers.  Last night I posted this.  My good friend Erin's little boy Drew has cystic fibrosis.  There's no federal funding for research so it's up to us to raise the money to help find a cure.  She's got a lot of businesses stepping up to help raise money. 

Let's add one more to that list.

It just happens that I am hosting a Stella & Dot party this weekend.  Ever checked it out?  Who doesn't need new jewels this spring?  Here's the Best part.  I am now hosting two S&D parties.  One at my house (love my loyals but would that be weird if everyone came here?) and one right here, from the comfort of your couch, on my blog.

Here's what you do.  Check out the fabulous duds by clicking here.  Then, when you select your goods, under hostess name enter "Best Part".  That's first name Best, last name Part.  When you do that, 20% of proceeds will go to cystic fibrosis research in honor of my friend Erin's son Drew.

Like I said yesterday.  I don't do this.  You don't come here for giveaways or product reviews.  You come here because you can relate.  You come here to laugh.  You come here because no one is perfect and everyone needs a reminder of that sometimes.  I am so grateful you come here.  This time, I hope you can come here and help.  Please.

The Best part?  You can help save the lives of thousands of kids.  What's not to like?