Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Obser and Revel

I find it hilarious when someone posts on Facebook a giant 'thank you' to road crews for clearing streets. Like the guy who drives the plow is your Facebook friend. Really? A shout out is probably not necessary. Or maybe they are your friends? If so. Carry on.

I was pretty sure we were going to lose our roof last night in the wind. Still not sure we didn't.

Schedules are way off. Momma is tired.

Its February which mean its almost March. Thank. God.

Tried to make an appointment for an oil change. They don't take appointments. First come, first serve. He did not care when I said, 'but I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old.'. Wait til he sees the wrath I bring to his waiting room. Maybe we'll go just before nap. That'll show you Honda dealer.

Packaging. Is. Everything. See, if I make a pot of macaroni and cheese, he won't eat it. But if I give him one of those fancy kraft cups of Mac and cheese, he gobbles. Marketing genius.

I bought a vanilla/cookie/cake smelling candle. It is delightful. And makes me want to eat cake constantly. While buying said candle I let Cannon smell them and upon smelling the 'black cherry' flavored one he said, in the middle of the store, 'that smells yucky, like my poop!'. And scene.

Let's vote. Do we like 'Observations and Revelations or are we tired of them? I never spell 'revelations ' right.

Modern Family is following me on twitter. They found me. I didn't find them. If they can follow me, you probably should too (thebestspart). Also, that is a tremendous amount of pressure to be funny. I will be emphasizing quality over quantity in hopes of getting my big break.

The Best part? I got flowers today. :)

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