Tuesday, February 15, 2011

O&R 10 more days in my 20's

Truth. I was on a cradle cap ridding bender Sunday night. Not cause it was bothering her. It s bothering me. I like to pick. Anyway. Put her in the tub and soaked her head in olive oil. Combed the oil and the cradle cap out. Problem is, you should probably wash the hair a few times to get rid of all the oil. She went to school looking like a member of the Jersey Shore cast.

Speaking of Jersey Shore, a recent tweet from my Dad. 'A book commits suicide each time you watch an episode of The Jersey Shore'. I am kind of over it anyway.

Oh and if those a-holes can write a book. So. Can, I. I just need MTV to give me a show so someone will publish it.

If it's not a kid it's the dog. Ever since the skunk incident, he is possessed. And also sick. Waiting for the call about the monster vet bill. Anyone want to buy a dog?

Keurig. Busted. Not good. Had to get out the actual coffee maker. Scoop coffee into it. Spill water into the reservoir. It's not pretty. Or good. I suggested to customer service that they bring me some coffee. They didn't come through.

The new nite lite came! He got up before the 'sun' came up today. But was super excited when he saw the sun come up. Maybe tomorrow.

You know how when you are pregnant your hair doesn't fall out? Mass exodus over here.

Gonna be 58 in the Best's parts neck of the woods. It's practically summer.

The Best part? I got up one time between 10:15 and 6:45 and it was only to out a passy in. Oh and one time cause I thought the dog was gonna hurl. Not bad.

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Lauren Stahl said...

Does olive oil really work? I was told to use dandruff shampoo with the girls...interesting!