Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Alarm is 2

I don't know how your kids wake up. In the morning. From a nap. I am unsure of other children's wake up habits, so I can only assume what my child does is normal. We all know what assuming does.

Early. Aside from five blissful days. My 2 year old gets up early. I would like to blame it on the school bus that turns around (read: beep beep beep, 13 times) in front of the house at 7 on school days. I can't. Cause he gets up before the school bus lately. Before any alarm goes off. Before anyone else. And I can feel it. I know when it's coming. I can also feel the days where he is going to sleep until 7 or later. Perhaps I am Miss Cleo.

Anyway. He doesn't wake up talking or playing or laughing. When my toddler wakes up, he moans, yells, and calls for anyone within a 200 mile radius to rescue him. Mommmmmmeeeeee..... Dadddeeeee..... Tuckerrrr.... Yep, he even calls for the dog. Then he gives up on names and just yells. He lays in his bed and just makes loud, annoying noises. Kind of like he is waking up after having a painful surgery. Only he is not in any pain. He is fine.

In his bed with him at any given time is his favorite book of the moment, Woody, Doc, a random matchbox car, and these days a bar of soap that looks like Toodles (we borrowed it from a Disney resort a summer or two ago). It's wrapped up in plastic, not just a raw bar of soap in his bed, that would be weird.

He doesn't play though. Despite numerous requests that he play or just roll over or read a book. He doesn't. Maybe he's forgetful. He also doesn't get out of bed. We are probably to blame for that by putting the fear of God in him when we moved him into the big boy bed. He got out once and bumped his head. This was before he was even two and was way more unstable than he is today. Now he thinks if he gets out without our permission he will bump his head.

There's are shelves of books and toys. I would welcome him getting out and grabbing some books and going to town until 9 or 10 when I am ready to get up (LBS I have not slept that late since the early 2000's). He doesn't though.

I am one of those moms. The kind who immediately changes something when something is wrong or different. So, this is my plan. A) this morning it was like 1000 degrees in his room despite being 2 outside. No one wants to sleep in the desert. Adjusting that. B) I thought maybe he was peeing and waking himself up. That would wake me up. I was wrong. This morning he had to pee when I went in there and HE WENT ON THE POTTY!!! Totally forgave him for waking up with the roosters and fed him 5 M&M's.

Anyway. I know that someday I will be begging him to get out of bed before lunch. And I am not asking for something obscene. I would just like 7. The difference between 6:30 and 7:00 is major. The number 7 says morning. 6 just says too damn early.

So, how do your kids tell you they are awake in the morning? Ae they laughing and giggling? Reading poetry? Reciting Shakespeare?

I should add that when I go in and get him, I am always greeted with a joyful 'hi mommy! How your nap?' which immediately softens my attitude and also reinforces that he. Is. Fine. And could be playing quietly while I catch an extra Z.

I know my Mom will be the first to email me and remind me that I never slept in as a child and that this is payback and they are hell.

Also, I read somewhere that blogs are more interesting with pictures. Giving it a shot. Pun intended.

The Best part? It could be 5am, I guess.


Lauren Stahl said...

My girls come in and we snuggle, usually we all fall asleep again or sometimes they just lay there, while I sleep. I know that isn't helpful and they are older, but they have been doing this for a long while now...good luck and I have heard good things about that wake up clock thing!

Christi said...

Mercutio is also an early bird. And he's just like his dad in that as soon as his feet hit the floor he is UP. When he was Cannon's age he would come in and snuggle (early as well), then when he got too wiggly we'd both get up. Now he just kneels down by the bed and asks if he can get on the computer or watch TV (the answer's almost always yes. Like the pictures!