Friday, February 25, 2011

Here's your sign.

If you don't check my blog hourly, read the previous post before continuing.

Usually I workout at nap time, squeeze in a shower and all is right with the world. Today we headed for a much needed oil change so the baby missed her morning nap. I put her down when we got home and knowing she would be awake at Cannon's nap time, we headed downstairs. I put on Umi Zoomi and hit the t-mill. About 3/4 of a mile in I see him squat. Pooping. Duh. He smiles at me, waves and goes back to doing his business.

I keep on keepin' on. .92 into the first and what turned out to be the last, mile and I see him acting like his pants are wet. Grabbing, down there.

'You ok buddy? Need me to change your diaper?'
'I fine Mommy, you keep runnin'.'


I hop off, grab a diaper and tell him to lay down. I am panting, sweating, and ready to get this workout over with. He says he wants to stand up (the way they change them at school) so I agree. I start to take his jeans off and there it is. Poop. All over his feet. His feet.

So, I continue my run, only this time it's carrying a 2 year old and his jeans at arms length up two flights of stairs and into the bathtub.

This is one of the reasons I can't use cloth diapers. I was baffled. What do I do with these pants? This kid? The poop in the bathtub?

Wipes. I used basically a pack of wipes before actually giving the bath. The jeans are in the washing machine. I may need a new washing machine after this. The 'major poop, biggest I ever seen!' as he called it, is in the garage.

And I have been adequately slapped in the face with why I don't need a third child.

At least not right now.

Now, go back to eating your lunch.

The Best part? I got a mile in.


Jess said...

When Gabe was little he went through a period where he'd poo every time he took a bath. I'd see the log floating around in there, him totally unfazed. So I'd have to take him out, fish the log out, put him in another tub to finish his bath. Then go back and take all the toys out to bleach them, bleach the tub, dispose of poo log.

Freaking glamorous.

Aly said...

This is probably not a great time to answer your question of "are we done yet?". Emme is so little & Cannon is getting ready to do something HUGE... potty train.

To me, this is why spacing is good. Your little ones are still very little. They need all of you right now. But they'll get older & more capable of doing things on their own. Inevitably that's when every mom starts longing for being needed 24/7 again.

ok... perhaps 16/7. A girl needs time to sleep.

No way I could juggle another right now. Not with Andy traveling. BUT... in 2 years? ya, I think I could do it.