Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gargling Salt Water

A germaphobe I am not. I am not a crazy hand washer (gasp!). We have hand sanitizer strategically placed throughout the house and use it regularly but not obsessively. I know that I will get sick and I know that my kids will get sick. We will all be ok. Short of living in a bubble there's no way to avoid it. It's not cause my kids go to school. My friends whose kids don't go to school are sick too. So there goes your 'daycares breed germs' theory. I mean, they do, but so does your house.

So. I have bronchitis. Sans a cough which is odd. But I ache from head to toe and I am pretty sure someone set my throat on fire overnight.

BGB still has bronchialitis. I am having an internal debate today. She was better last week and is worse again this week. But. Here's what the nurse will ask me: does she have a fever? No. Is she eating? Yep. Sleeping? Yep. Is she smiling, happy, perfect other than her smokers cough? Yep. Nothing they can do except bill my insurance company again for a third look at the same frigging illness.

And don't worry, I would never ever write something Iike this if everyone wasn't sick. Cannon woke up with a runny nose. Which I am sure will turn into something gross in a matter of days. And the better half is sick too, however, his power of positive thinking is more effective than mine. He's better. I am on a z-pack.

Where was I going with this? Oh right, the part where you might judge me for saying it.

Of course my first choice would be that no one was sick, there was world peace and that my 2 year old loved vegetables. So. Here it goes. I would rather my kids be sick, than me be sick. When they are sick, I can take care of them, I can cuddle them, I can be the super mom that I am. When I am sick, I just can't. That's harder than fighting the sickness. There, I said it. I know I am not alone on this one. Come on out of the closet.

So, here's to de-terming the house. Taking a few naps and working on my second two liter of ginger ale while I wait for the super meds to kick in.


The Best part? I will be better for my first birthday night out this weekend.


Lauren Stahl said...

Feel better! I totally hear you about Mom's not getting sick days, it is awful!

Hillie Gaither said...

I can vividly remember when MY mom was sick and how things were just weird. Dad has to do my hair for school? I have to buy lunch? I'm walking home the 4.5 blocks home after school? ugh.