Tuesday, January 18, 2011

up for air

Whew. Did it. Happy Friday kids. Not you. Me.

My feet are up and my wine is cold. I survived my first 'week' back at work. I didn't cry. My clothes matched. My kids were fed and clothed at school. I had no spit up on my shoulders. I pumped in peace. Did I mention I didn't cry?

I did. Like a baby when I left Cannon the first time. No tears this time.

So it wasn't bad. But. I don't think I could do it every day. I really don't. I know women (a lot of my loyals) do it every day. And I did do it everyday with just one. I went part time because I wanted to. Because I didn't like full-time and because I could. Not because I couldn't handle it. But that was with one kiddo. When we had more time than we knew what to do with and when we were young (gonna be 30 remember?). This time I honestly don't think I could handle it. I bow to those of you who do.

I am tired. It was only two days and I am tired. I will stop rubbing it in. I will just say that full-time help would be in order if I went back full-time. And. LBS (Let's Be Serious, memorize it, I won't tell you again) I am basically working for peanuts.

So. Highlights and lowlights.

My new boots are hot. Both sexy and hot, like temperature hot. As in if you're wearing cashmere on top and the boots up to your knees on the bottom you will sweat. In the winter. A lesson I didn't learn until Tuesday, despite wearing the boots Monday and sweating.

Pumping in an empty office with no windows is similar to pumping next to your sleeping husband at 4am only with less snoring. Its lonely and boring.
However, I suppose the alternative is inviting a coworker in to check out the sucker machine.

When you get paged while pumping its difficult to immediately respond.

The hour between when I walk in the door and the kids go to bed is similar to a fire drill. Chaos.

The sleeping in continues for a certain 2 year old. It will probably end tomorrow when I can sleep in and enjoy it.

Dinner after 8 at night sucks. Primarily cause I'm so hungry I can't stop eating.

I am way behind on Facebook. A fact that thrills my Mom and certainly has some people considering putting out an APB for me.

A shooting made my day today. Nope, I am not a cop.

Cannon checked on his big sister twice each day. He is going to be an amazing big brother. He already is.

I didn't forget how to work. I may have forgotten a few details. Not sweating it (unless I am in the aforementioned boots).

So there you have it. The deets. The much anticipated anticlimactic details of the first week back.


The Best part? Home with my kiddos tomorrow! Quite possibly in pj's all day. Woo. Hoo.

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Aly said...

I too bow down to those who are able to balance a full time job & multiple kiddos. I think those are the people who have their parents down the street & a laundry list of fabulous sitters. That, or a job they adore & get paid well for doing.

But LBS... TV rarely pays what it should for the work you put in. (I used it! be impressed.)

Happy for you & your pj day! Soak up those kiddos. I bet they missed you!

Megan said...

LBS...got it :) Enjoy your day!

See Meggie Run said...

Love the LBS mention. And I read your entire first paragraph as boobs vs boots. Totally different context, although I am sure your boobs could be temperature hot in cashmere and they are obviously sexy hot.