Thursday, January 27, 2011

A sucker for breakfast.

This morning. He peed. On the big boy potty. You should read the previous post before you continue with this one (if you missed out yesterday).

He sat his skinny ass in the potty. Actually he rotated between two little potties. The Ikea one and a 'normal' one. He voted against the Swedes and used the traditional one. I was certain while he decided where to sit he was going to pee all over the bathroom.

Anyway. It's the second time he's ever actually 'done it'. Maybe he reads the blog. Or maybe things I blog about come true! What if they do.... (cue the Wayne's World style fantasy music)... O&R Fantasy Styles...

I never win the lottery. Never really won anything and I am ok with that. Ok thats not entirely true. In 1996 I entered a contest in my 'Swimmer's World' magazine. I won a trip to the Olympic swimming trials. Got to give a medal too. They were in the gorgeous and exciting city of Indianapolis. It's beautiful there in January. Chances are pretty good I was the only one who entered.

10 pounds has never fallen off of me. Ever. Except when I have given birth. It's not the same.

Currently those are the only things lacking in my life. Millions of dollars (don't want for much but a girl can dream, right?) and 10 pounds. Well the 10 aren't lacking, rather hanging around. So thats pretty good. Really good. Just thought if I blogged today about something that doesn't happen, maybe it would. Like the potty victory. Of course that would require buying a lottery ticket. Maybe that's the problem.

On a totally unrelated note. I don't know many babies who would let you suck out their noses while they sleep and stay asleep. Just saying.

The Best part? He did it! He is capable!

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Hillie Gaither said...

You know I entered that contest. I still have never won anything. jerk.