Wednesday, January 19, 2011

... playa...

Not like Spanish for 'beach' playa. Like 'play on playa' gantsa styles. I am so street.

Every six months or so I decide to be a better grocery shopper. Harder than it seems. See I was introduced to the Grocery Game by my friend Julie who is an expert. I strive to be half as good as her at playing the game.

Anyway. The idea is that you buy things when they are cheapest. Using coupons and store sales. It's not rocket science but it is slightly involved.

So I head to the store this morning (yes, that means we are all dressed by 9) with my coupons and my list. Stick to the list dammit. Stick to the list. I selected a store that I am not familiar with (mistake #1) because it's super nice and I thought it would be fun to take a tour. You do not tour a grocery store with a 2 year old and 3 month old (what?!??!) in tow. Stupid. Plus at the fancy store you will want to stray from the list. Desperately.

The list is specific. This is on sale 10/10$. Buy two and use the 1$ off 2 coupon and you get two for the price of one. Get it? I am terrible at math and I get it so you should too.

So I did my shopping. I turned around and went back a dozen times, easily. Cannon ate an entire cookie and a push pop. He also rode in one of those car/cart things. It's like maneuvering a Mac truck through a china shop. And with E in her seat in the front of the cart, I couldn't see around her. I only ran into two people and one small display. Eggs. Kidding. Not the eggs.

So, I would give myself a 'B'. Fine. A 'B-'. I bought one thing that wasn't on the list. Everyone needs organic fruit roll ups. Right? Right.

So. It's a work in progress. I spent $53 and saved $40. A lot of that is store sale, only a few coupons. Not bad. Came home with strip steaks. Turkey breasts. Pasta. Toothpaste. All random stuff. But random stuff we will use. If I remember I bought it.

The Best part? I was always a 'B' student. Except when it came to math.

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