Sunday, January 23, 2011

Over it.

I took it for granted. Warm weather. WarmER weather. When the trees had leaves and the grass was green. When I thought it was too hot for my pregnant self to hang outside with my toddler. When the grill wasn't covered by a cover and inches of snow. I took it for granted.

I would give just about anything for a walk to the park. To run around the yard with Cannon. I fantasize about sitting on the back deck and refilling the water table or digging holes in the dirt. I don't Iike dirt and I would love to dig in it. We can't even see earth.

I really don't like snow. Unless I am on a lift or sitting around a fire in a lodge, I don't like snow. Sledding (not 'sled riding') is fun for a few minutes. And will probably be more fun when my kids are excited about it and don't mind 'snow on my boots Mommy!'. So it can melt. I am fine with that.

I am ready for blue skies that don't bring -3.5 degree temps. I have cabin fever. My house is a petri dish. I am remembering fondly the 4 days this season when Cannon didn't have a cold. I am closely monitoring my tiny 3 month old who has her brother's cold. I am sure we will all get it. Petri dish.

I am ready for summer salads and grilled chicken. Ready to switch back to white. Ready for sunsets after 7pm. Ready for a new swing set to go up. I am ready to eat on patios and not turn my headlights on when driving at 4:30. I am ready for pedicures for a reason and clothes I didn't get to wear last spring. I am ready for zoo picnics and after dinner walks. I am ready for baseball. I am ready for a double jogger and outdoor sweating instead of Jillian on the DVR. I am ready for tank tops. Not under sweaters. Just saying.

February will be even more gray. It always is. But. It brings a celebration. Of a new year. A new decade. New adventures. New challenges. Same wonderful life. Can't complain about February. So hurry up. And March, don't be a stranger either.

I officially have the winter doldrums.

The Best part? At least I have cute coats to bundle up in.

And just so you know, you can expect a similar post in September. How i can't wait for snow. And cold. And red.

Happy Monday kids.


Marilyn said...

Get Zicam. It works miracles if you take it right when you feel a cold coming on. It has beaten my last two. And it is safe to take while nursing.

Lauren Stahl said...

I couldn't agree with you more, this winter has been the longest and coldest of my life and we are what half way through, ugh. Summer please hurry up or at least Spring!