Thursday, January 27, 2011

Obsess much?

I wanted a digital scale. I thought it would be more accurate. More definite. I am pretty sure I will regret it.

I didn't get a video monitor because I didn't want to spend hours on end staring at the baby. Watching his chest move. Making sure he wasn't swallowing that evil crib bumper. I should have never started Facebook. Checking email is one of the first five things I do every morning. I am not nearly that important. I have no substance addictions. I talk about booze a lot. It's mostly just talk.

So. The scale. Did you know that after lunch i weighed four tenths of a pound more? I had a lean cuisine pizza, jello, and water. Did you know that after my workout after lunch I weighed 1.4 pounds less than I did after lunch?

You can jump on a regular scale, with the adjustable dial and know how much you weigh 'ish'. Used to only jump on first thing in the morning. When everyone is skinniest. Now I know exactly how much my jeans weigh. Unfortunately they don't weigh ten pounds.

Anyway. This will either prove to be a fantastic weight loss tool or you will learn lots of useless knowledge about how much I gain before and after lunch.

The Best part? At least it's not another social networking addiction.


Lauren Stahl said...

I just wanna know how all these people, yourself included get right back into your pre-pregnancy jeans. I am stuck in that awful stage where the maternity jeans are to big and fall off, but the real jeans either don't go over my fat ass or they go over and won't button. It is a glorious feeling let me tell you!

Jennifer said...

I'd just like to know what kind of workout made you instantaneously lose 1.4 pounds.