Thursday, January 6, 2011

Observations and Revelations

If there is no wine in the house, I don't drink. Interesting concept. Perhaps a philosophy I should adopt for sweets and snacks.

Speaking of snacks, they must put crack in Wheat Thins.

As a story teller, I am in love with Ted Williams (google it if you're living under a rock). A God given talent he took for granted and threw away on drugs and booze and he gets a second chance. His smile radiates gratitude and who doesn't deserve a second chance? Note: I will turn on him just as fast as I fell in love with him if he screws it up again and throws away what's been handed to him.

50 days until the big birthday. Last year someone asked me how old I was turning and I told HIM 29. He scoffed and said 'for the fourth time?'. Dude who asked is 46. Not kidding.

I digress.

I am not scared, not stressed. I do feel that without a '2' on the beginning of my age I am officially an adult. As though my husband, two children and minivan don't already say that. Or scream it.

You should know that my birthday prior to around 25 or so was a national holiday and I am considering reinstating the holiday this year in honor of the big 3-0. February might be my month. Brace yourselves.

My friend Meggie has dubbed this month Blanduary. I think its totally accurate. I found myself day dreaming at 5am about playing in the backyard, warm weather, and walking somewhere other than the treadmill which is now in the unfinished part of the basement surrounded by clothes, baby stuff, christmas decorations, and all things that have no home. February will be even worse. Another reason to celebrate me for the month.

Flying tomorrow for the first time since the 'new' screenings started. Don't look for any headlines on me. I do not plan on staging any sit ins or protests. Do whatever you want to me. If it will keep me and my family safe. I. Do. Not. Care.

The Best part? Off to remedy the first observation/ revalation.

Happy weekend friends. xo

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Rebecca said...

You need to visit Houston in Jan or feb. Best time of year.

Last year I kept telling everyone I was turning 29 for the first time. No one seemed amused. Glad you get it.