Sunday, January 30, 2011

O&R Sunday styles.

Any pediatrician who hands me his cell number and tells me he'll meet me in the office on a Sunday or after hours to check my baby girl is good in my book.

It was 40 today. Heatwave. Ice storm tomorrow.

Went to the liquor store. Clerk: you havin' a wine tastin' party? Me: Nope. And scene.

Bronchialitis sucks. I think it may finally be exiting the house but not before two doctors visits and lots and lots of lost sleep.

Shopped for birthday duds today. Hard to do when you don't know what plans are. Shall I dress up? Dress normally? What if I am in a cocktail dress in a dive bar? Guess what. It's my birthday. Does. Not. Matter.

Love me some Jillian workouts. Love them even more with a 2 year old following along. Dare you not to laugh out loud while he does jumping jacks.

Magic Salmon seasoning. Try it. Trust me.

Say one or two for my dear friend over at the Monrohhh's. She's got twins cookin' and those little buggers thought about making an early exit. Too early.

Watch this. You're welcome.

The Best part? Birthday duds. New or old.

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