Friday, January 14, 2011

Miracles do happen...

Our two year old slept until 9:30 today. Our two year old who has never slept past 7:30 save a rare occasion when he misses a nap, slept until 9:30. When I woke him up.

We had a playdate and I still was hoping for an afternoon nap despite the 14 hours of sleep.

When I called my husband to tell him that the stars had aligned or that the world was ending or that he was for sure sick or something, he says to me, 'Good. Get some stuff done... Take a shower...' While I know he said it cause I regularly mention (read: complain) how I don't shower until nap-time, there's just something about your husband telling you to shower...

I did shower.

The Best part? The super sleeper is napping. :)

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