Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Matt and Meredith, I'm back!

My better half gets it.

I may or may not have mentioned that I have a birthday coming up. Oh, I have? Well, anyway. It's now the birthday month. I can celebrate in my head all month long and those who live with me may be subjected to a birthday comment every now and then.

Yesterday was the first day of the big birthday month. Not normally a day I celebrate. But I came home to a kitchen tv. What's a kitchen tv, you ask? A tv for the kitchen. Duh. Here's the thing. I was at the end of my cartoon rope. I could take no more hotdog dances and counting in Spanish with Handy Manny. He saved me.

My 2 year old watches TV. There. I said it. And so does yours. You might not talk about it at dinner parties or playdates. You may be a closet watcher. But if you have a television in your home, your kids watch it. Now, maybe mine watches a tad more than some kids but he comes by it honestly.

I get paid to watch television. To be informed. I am one of those. I am loyal to the TODAY Show. Don't ask me if I saw something on ABC or CBS. I didn't. I am a news junkie. It is important to me to know what's going on where I live and around the world. Why don't I read the newspaper? Well. It's awkward to hold, it's messy, I hate how it feels on my fingers. It goes to press 8 hours before I read it. It's a dying breed. The list goes on. It's not that I don't appreciate more in depth reporting offered by a newspaper. I do. But I would much rather read it on my iPad. Or laptop. It's a generational thing. My Mom and her sunday NYT can't be separated.

I am also a reality tv junkie. And have my weeklys. Grey's, Modern, and a few others. I read books too. Been reading The Help for a solid three weeks now. Yep. Takes me a while to get through them but I do read 'em. Anyway. Television is a part of our lives and that includes the toddler.

He doesn't watch crap. I do draw the line. W only watch Disney Junior or PBS. We don't do Sponge Bob, Phineas and Ferb, or Simpsons. He does get obsessed with one and will only watch it. Right now it's Mickey Mouse. I am over it. He is not.

He has terrific social skills. Is well adjusted and no one will ever call this kid a 'loner' cause he watched too much tv as a child. It's ok. Promise.

So. Best first day of the birthday month gift ever. A kitchen TV. My very own. Love.

The Best part? He reads too. Sometimes all by himself in his room. Or to the dog.


Marilyn said...

I always get so sad when I hear the hot dog dance. It means we've reached the end of another one, and it usually comes much faster then anticipated. Then I have to go through the constant guilty struggle of deciding whether or not to start another one or saying "that's enough tv."

Lauren Stahl said...

Have you watched Nickjr? It is pretty good they have a new show Bubble Guppies, my girls love it, they also have miss. spider, little bear, franklin and some others that are not annoying like dora and diego! Backyardigans andTeam Umizoomi are decent too.

Are you excited that Disney JR comes next week with new shows :-)