Sunday, December 19, 2010

... 'twas the week before Christmas...

And at the Best house...

Christmas cards are hung on the fridge with care. If you didn't send a picture, don't look its not there.

Santas elves have been hard at work. Cannon won't know where to start (truth: I get tears in my eyes thinking about him coming down on Christmas morning. I really think most of the fun of Santa is for parents. Love it.). Despite a self imposed price limit I am pretty sure Dan wants more than undershirts in his stocking. I should get on that.

And if you think Santa isn't bringing Emerson a dozen headbands and coordinating flowers you would be wrong. Very. Very. Wrong.

Christmas candy is made. Workouts are not happening.

A baby is sleeping 7 hours at night. I celebrated with a 6am trip to walmart (the saturday before christmas, which i think was brilliant, it was heaven. Yep, just described walmart as heaven) and 4 glasses of wine on date night.

I am counting the days. Ignoring the bills. And loving every minute.

The house is warm and cozy. The pours are healthy.

Christmas is so close. Love.

The Best part? 6 days. Oh and sushi for Christmas eve dinner.

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