Tuesday, December 14, 2010


DVR, Keurig... and now add iPad to the list of things I never thought I needed but fear I will now not be able to live without.  Early Christmas present from my parents, it's nothing short of awesome.

I am better, thanks for asking.  So glad I called the doc when I did and got meds early this time.  No need to send anymore flowers or cards, I'm on the mend.

Thud.  The unmistakeable sound of a bird flying into the sliding glass door.  It's really not that clean, I think our birds have bad vision.  And there it is, lying in the snow, stunned, possibly dying.  I leave it there.  15 minutes later the fearless dog shows up and decides to start acting like a dog instead of the person he usually thinks he is.  Tucker is laying at the door staring through the glass, not moving, but emitting some awful smell.  Must be some sort of instinct thing but it's gross.  So.  Dan's on a conference call and is no help at all.  He tells me to put my Uggs on and get a shovel.  So I do.  I shoveled up the bird and put him in the sun.  I'll update his condition as I get more information.

I have made three pages of lists today.  Gifts.  Groceries.  Errands.  To do's.  I feel no more organized or accomplished than I did before I made the lists. 

Dove soap, original recipe really does help baby acne.

That's all I've got.

The Best part?  The iPad.  Clearly.

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Katie @ Loves of Life said...

I totally just sold my iPad because we didn't use it. We are a bit compulsive on stuff like that--and decided we NEEDED!IT! for when we were in the hospital having the baby. Yea. We didn't really need it. We played with it a lot for and while, then stopped. I hope you guys use it more than we did!

When apple comes out with anything new--we always get it. We're suckers like that. HA.

Glad youre better!

for the record? Can't live without DVR.