Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So.  I can happily report that my scale at home (this is important because every scale I've ever been on in a doctors office is high.) is reading the same number it did before I got pregnant with BGB.  6.5 weeks.  Please compare that two 52+ weeks with Cannon.  I deserve a medal. 


I have done nothing.  I am not dieting, nor have I exercised other than chasing Cannon around the house.  I am one of those women who I usually hate.  It feels good.


What does not feel good is what is an apparent redistribution of 'assets' if you will.  So the number is the same, however, it appears that my calves or ankles or neck or elbows or maybe even thighs got skinnier cause my midsection is preventing my jeans from buttoning without a muffin top (and some of them without cutting of circulation to my lower half). 

So, let's talk about the mush that is my midsection.  Or let's not talk about it.  Let's just figure out a way to get rid of it.  I'll be doing Jillian on DVR today or maybe tomorrow.  Can't stand being 'soft'. 

Oh, and a side note.  Weight, please keep falling off, cause when I got pregnant I was probably carrying around 10 pounds I shouldn't have been.  Thanks.

The Best part?  This post wasn't written around BGB's first birthday, like the one I wrote about finally losing it all after Cannon was born. (can't find it right now).


Lauren Stahl said...

Way to go...breastfeeding is amazing! Also, try pilates! It is all about the core and will help the middle firm up!

Marilyn said...

I constantly get amazed at how often your blogs match my life exactly. I am in the same situation as you. Didn't lose all first baby weight until Ian's first birthday, but already lost it with Evan. Though same scenario, certain things aren't buttoning and certainly aren't flattering...