Sunday, December 12, 2010

out of no where... again.

So, I'm minding my biz, making a pot of corn chowder (have a fab recipe si quieres) cause we are 'hunkering down'.  If you know wherebouts we live you know that we are expecting white death.  4 inches.  That's right. 

So I'm making chowder and my right boob starts to hurt.  Ache.  At first I thought it was Jillians fault (did her Shred workout yestserday).  It got worse.  Then I started to shake.  Chills.  Blocked duct.  Maybe it's only a blocked duct.  Then my temp plumets to 95 and right back up to 102.  Awesome.  So now I'm achy and freezing and my boob is on fire.  Again.  It took 30 minutes for all of this to happen.  Really.


I have mastitis.  Again.  How is this possible?  Seriously.  What am I doing to cause/ deserve this?  Fortunately, should I need them, I have some perc's left.  Also called the doc and got a z-pack called in stat.  And the shower massage has already happened and probably will have to again tonight, despite the pain.

Here's hoping I am better and not worse by morning.

The Best part?  At least I know the misery to expect this time.

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