Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Observations and Revelations: Christmas Edition

Forgive typos. I am writing through blurry eyes with greasy hair. I. Am. Exhausted.

I want Christmas put away as badly as I wanted it put up in November.

Before Christmas we had 100 Matchbox cars. Now we have 200. They are land mines. Consider yourself warned.

I don't know what people without televisions in the car do on road trips. Serious. My dad used to hook up his video camera (the off the shoulder kind) to a tv in the back of the station wagon and we would lay in the back and watch tv. My parents would go to jail for that today.

BGB does not like to poop while away from home. Up. The. Front. As soon as we got home.

You can in fact eat too much cheese ball.

I wanted nothing more than green beans for dinner tonight.

Expressing gratitude is an art form everyone should learn.

My two year old does not love snow. Perhaps if we had avoided the ramp on our first run he would feel differently.

If you pick an empty corner of the McDonald's in Wooster, Ohio to eat lunch and nurse the baby, within minutes that corner will be filled with people. Gawkers. You can look but you can't touch.

I will be vacuuming up Fraser fir and wrapping paper for months.

Watching your kids play with their cousins is awesome even if the 2 year olds yell 'mine' and 'no' back at each other for 3 days. Please note: Cannon could claim no toys as 'mine' yet did so anyway.

A certain 2 month old made it 8 hours last night. Perhaps I should thank the red blend.

The game 'headbandz' although intended for ages 7 & up is serious fun with adults and drinks.

My baby boy just kissed his baby sister and said 'night night Emerson, I love you'. He did not however understand why it made me cry.

We ate. We drank (a lot). We are merry. Still. We are luckier than we deserve. I will spend the remainder of the week putting things away. Putting life back together. And looking forward to New Years Eve dinner out with my husband.

Hope yours were merry and bright!

The Best part? Sleeping in my own bed tonight.


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