Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now hear this...

So it's that time of year.  Report card time.  Yep.  At 2 we get report cards.  I am certain it's rolled into tuition somewhere.  Anyway.

We got Cannon's report card today and among the A's, S's, W's, and N's (Always, Sometimes, Working on it, and Never) is a written evaluation.  It starts something like this.  Actually it starts exactly like this: Cannon is one of the best listeners in class.  Really?  Really.

Don't get me wrong.  I am beaming with pride that when we're not around he's polite, listens, and is a kind and good person.  Love him.  However. 

He does not listen to me.  Or at least I wouldn't classify him as a 'good listener'.  I mean if you're going to listen to someone it should be the woman who birthed you (sans an epidural I might add if I haven't mention that before) right?  I would say 50% of them time he listens.  To me.  100% of the time he hears me. 

I guess it's good that his teachers think he's the perfect kid.  Our image as the perfect parents is preserved.  Whew.  Relief.

In other news.

If I catch the dog wiping his ass on the carpet one more time I am giving him away for the holidays.  I know there's snow on the ground but I am pretty sure animals in the wild don't have the choice of snow or berber.  Neither do you.  While we're at it.  Stay off my new bedding.  For real.

I am this close to being finished with my Christmas shopping.  I went to the mall today.  I bought nothing.  I got asked four times if I wanted hand cream by someone with an accent.  I thought about giving a piece of my mind to the four women in their pj's who parked in the 'family first' parking spot sans a family or stroller.  But I didn't.  It's Christmas and I'm sad for them that they can't read.

BGB got four immunizations today.  She wants to snuggle.  Twist my arm.  How is she two months old?  Serious.

This is the second time I've written this post.  It's always better the first time.

The Best part?  Besties coming to visit tomorrow.  Until then. XOXO

And. For the record.  The only 'N's' he got were in identifying plant types.  Um.  Hello? He knows what a Christmas tree is... what more do you want?


Jackie Monroe said...

You missed your other calling: stand up comedy. At least it's probably the one career that pays less than news.

Nonetheless: Love, love, love your posts.

Katie Busch said...

I just thought you should know I just laughed outloud at the airport reading the part about the dog - did I mention I am travelling alone and look like a lunatic? I heart you. Merry X-mas!

Jen England said...

I also laughed outloud at the dog part... cuz I have dogs and get your frustration 100%. :)

Lauren Stahl said...

I as well laughed at the dog part, because our cat has done that...dumb animals!