Thursday, December 9, 2010

...not goin' anywhere...

Yesterday morning, mid morning, I went upstairs and got dressed.  Put on pants that buttoned, earrings, a top and some socks.  I grabbed a shirt and pants for Cannon and brought them down to where he was parked in front of the television -- shocking, I know.

I sat down in front of him and started to take off his pj's and put on 'real clothes' to which he promptly asked 'where we goin' Mommy?'.  'Not goin' anywhere buddy, just thought we'd wear clothes today.'

So my two year old associates getting dressed with leaving the house.  Interesting.  This is a sure fire sign of too many pj days (as I sit here in my pj's at 1 in the afternoon, he's dressed cause he's at school today).  On top of that, I have SO many outfits E is going out grow if I don't start putting her roly poly self in them, so I've made a decision.

We will get dressed more.  That's right.  We'll wear regular clothes more often.  I figure if my friend Sarah, who has five children, three of whom are triplets, can get her kids dressed to the 9's every single freaking day, along with herself, I can get my crew of two dressed at least to the 5's.  Maybe higher if I try. 

I'll start tomorrow.  We'll start small.  Dressed by 10 (we have a playdate, we'll have to be dressed by then), all three of us. 

Please don't mistake this for me giving up pj days.  There are days where we all wake up and it's 2 outside and 8 hours later we're still in our pj's and I'm totally fine with that.  In fact, I love those days.  Perhaps they just need to come less often to be more appreciated.

Unrelated revelation: Pretty sure your big brother calling you 'chunk a munk' will only be ok for your self esteem for a short while.  Mom and Dad will need a new nickname before you turn 13.

AND... E is 7 weeks old today.  I'm certain, I just know, that any day now she's going to surprise me and not get up at 3am.  I just know it.  Fingers crossed.

And one more.  How festive is my new header? Did it all by myself. 

The Best part?  She's basically a doll for me to play dress up with.


Aly said...

Between 'chunk a munk' and 'cha-cha bear', she & Charlie may both be in therapy by 13. :)
love the new header.

Jackie Monroe said...

Sooo... how long did you stay in those real clothes before you were dying to put your comfy clothes back on??

(ha - There are Saturdays I never get dressed either. I shower in the morning and put FRESH pajamas on. I fail to see why this is a problem.)

McCulloch Family said...

Seriously cracking up here.
1. Dressed to the 5's is a HUGE feat.
2. I can't tell you how many newborn/infant outfits from Gap/Janie&Jack/other fancy places my girls never got to wear. Tags still on. Redistributed to friends. I no longer buy ANY friend newborn outfits. 6-9 months plus...
3. How in the world did you creat your header? Do tell.