Wednesday, December 15, 2010

make no mistake

I have never loved winter. 

I still don't.

He is cute.  Adorable.  A beautiful little boy.

He is smart.  Can count to 20 in two languages (no not Mandarin Chinese).  Knows his alphabet.  Says an occasional profound thought.

He does precious things like put both of his hands on my face and say 'I have a question Mommy!' and then when I ask him what the question is, he just looks stumped. 

He is falling in love with his baby sister.  It's adorable.

He is fun.  He is funny.  He keeps us constantly on our toes. 

He loves us and we love him so much it hurts.

I am proud to be his Mom.

But make no mistake.

He is 2.

The word 'no' makes him throw himself on the ground in a fit of tears.

We played playdoh today for 12 blissful minutes.  Then he took a bite.  I gently reminded him what happens when we eat the playdoh; timeout and we put it away.  He said 'I know Mommy' and in the same breath, took a giant bite and smiled.

He napped for less than 60 minutes.

He asked for 384 cookies before lunchtime.  He got zero (victory).

He tells me, through grunts that he's pooping.  Then runs away.

He yells things like "Mommy!  Come back here now!".  Precious.

I built him a fort of pillows in the living room.  He wanted to jump on the cushionless furniture.

I am pretty sure I asked 569 times what he wanted for dinner.  This is not a hard question, the child eats four things.

After getting out his pj's I walked into the bathroom to put him in the tub and he has his wet hand in his mouth, clearly soaked with toilet water. 

He peed when he got in the tub (not abnormal around here).  Then he got a cup and started drinking bath water just minutes later.  Exclaiming 'delicious' after swallowing.

His fingernails were so long I could have given him a french manicure.  When I told him I wanted to cut them he must have heard 'I want to cut your fingers off' instead of fingernails.  Amazingly, I was right.  It did not hurt.

I miss going to the park.  It's like 5 here and no one in their right mind would take a toddler and infant out without anywhere to go.  I suppose we could go to the germ infested, pee smelling mall playground and hangout with all the other snotty nosed kids in a 30 mile radius.  But we won't.  We will continue to grocery shop in the kitchen, cook with uncooked noodles, build forts and jump on the cushionless couch, play eat playdoh, not eat vegetables, and laugh.  A lot.  It's all good.

Celebrate imperfection.

And now, I drink,  I mean relax.

The Best part?  Santa is bringing new toys, thank goodness.

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Marilyn said...

I read this to Rich and he laughed out loud and said, "It's like she's writing this for you." What are Cannon's four foods? Ian's are chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, pb&j, and cheese quesadillas. We can get him to eat mac & cheese if it's a certain noodle and a certain cheese. He used to love hot dogs, but now those are only eaten about half the time. Veggies will come when bribing actually works. For now, if we attempt to bribe it just turns into a meltdown wanting the thing we're bribing for and the veggies get even more denied.