Wednesday, December 1, 2010

it's about time

We slept in.  We dined leisurely.  Tasted food.  Took vacations.  Long ones.  Slept 10 hours a night.  Went to bars just cause.  We did projects.  Painted rooms.  Redecorated.  Spent money.  Hours were spent on small tasks like washing the cars or organizing the garage.  Pretty sure I remember more than one sunday where we blew up an air mattress in the living room and watched Friends DVD's all. day. long.  We thought we were busy.  Really busy.  Afterall, we both worked fulltime.  AND had a dog.

After Cannon was born we'd laugh about what we did with all of our time before he arrived.   We were inefficient at best.  We'd say.  Or.  We must have wasted more time doing nothing...

Well, enter Emerson.  What on earth did we do with all our time when we only had one baby?  Seriously y'all.  We didn't know busy. 

Now I use the tv as a babysitter.  Now I make promises I can't keep to a two year old.  Now I do laundry but it never makes it out of the laundry room (also a curse/ blessing of having a second floor laundry).  Now I set short term goals and work to accomplish small tasks.  Now I go to the grocery store twice cause I didn't have room in the cart or in my brain to buy stuff for Christmas AND groceries (yes, I shop at a superstore, duh).   I'm learning man on man defense (or some sports analogy like that).  Now I postpone potty training (although on Sunday he did go on the big boy potty!) cause I just can't devote the time right now.  Now we are busy.  I think.

So, my readers with three children (or five), you can wipe away the tears from laughter.  And my friends with only one child, you're not busy.  Safe to say the transition from one to two is rougher than the transition from no babies to one baby, at least for us.  But we're 6 weeks in and making it.  And we're happy and we're having fun.  

So, I celebrate imperfection.  I celebrate 'making it'.  I celebrate getting a shower every day.  I celebrate making sure everyone is fed and clothed.  I celebrate the small things and laugh at what falls by the wayside.  It couldn't have been that important anyway, right?

I will continue to use the tv as a babysitter when I need it.  I will strive to accomplish everything and settle for it when I accomplish nothing.  And I will make new years resolutions that have nothing to do with being a better wife or mom cause I don't think it gets much better. 

On another note: If shoes with curved bottoms could make you skinny, wouldn't everyone be skinny by now?  Pretty sure you've wasted your money on your Sketchers.  Also, it's plastic light up nativity scene time.  Get ready.  Oh and remember this post?  It's back.  Only this year it has an arrow through it.  Nothing says 'happy birthday Jesus' like a deer hanging from a basketball hoop.

The Best part?  Remembering to celebrate imperfection.


McCulloch Family said...

LOVE this post. My comments:
1. We attempted potty training when I was home for 12 weeks. FML. Wrong time to do it. It happened approximately 1 year later.
2. My other mom-friends and I talk all the time about how the transition from 1 to 2 is so much harder from 0 to 1. It was all about the division of labor for us...who is manning who? I feel ya with the sports analogy.
3. Don't even get me STARTED on the Skechers. I mean, my company has made MILLIONS (literally) selling them and other brands. But there is ZERO science behind them. Zero. The buyer for these shoes told me that the only thing it does is get people off the couch and moving. So if that's what it takes to "shape them up" so be it. But it's a big hoax if you ask me. HIT THE GYM if you want buns of steel, not the one-leg-is-longer-than-the-other type shoe.


Lauren Stahl said...

Hang in there girl you are doing great! I went from 0-2 and while I don't remember much of the first year and I had to pay a friend, she shall remain nameless, to literally do my laundry and other tasks around the house for me, I have survived. I know you can do it and some day sooner, rather than later you will look back on this time and it will make you smile!

Marilyn said...

We are living parallel lives. I, too, didn't know busy until the second one came. I don't even care if the bed gets made anymore, which is a huge step in personal growth for me. Also, I am a stay at home mom and my 2 year old goes to school 5 mornings a week, and I think we're both better people for it.

Aly said...

I adore this post... probably b/c I feel like you took the words out of my mouth. During Charlie's first few months, I considered it a big accomplishment if everyone was showered, dressed & fed. There is good reason, my friend, why I didn't warn you about the transition from one kid to two. It's worth every ounce of work, but it is certainly much busier than life with one child. (who knew?)
As for life pre-kiddos... seriously, what in the hell were we doing with all of our time?

As for having two, you do get into a rhythm and begin to wonder how you ever questioned it being a 'good time' to have a second.

I would type more... but I have two toddler boys. nuff said.