Monday, December 6, 2010

it stains...

It's been a while since I've talked about poop.  I won't cross the line and talk about toddler man poops.  I'll just say whenever he's ready to move those into the toilet I'm all for it.

Baby poop.  Cannon was never exclusively on breastmilk.  Little Miss Thang isn't that into formula so we don't have a choice. 

I jinxed it.  At 6 tonight I said 'Emme (which on a side note, we are pronouncing 'Emmie' or 'Emmy' in case you were curious) has been in the same outfit all day long'.  That's major.  Sunday she was in four outfits before noon.  Within minutes I was upstairs with an up the back poop. 

It's worse if things 'move' while she's in the bouncy or the carseat.  What's funnier is as soon as she poops she falls asleep.  Instantly.

Anyway.  Huggies size 1's have failed us.  However.  I have boxes of them.  So, I've gotta use 'em.  We'll be trying Luvs next.  They've worked really well with C and do hold in those man poops. 

The Best part?  All my kids clothes are now clean all the time thanks to constant washing.


Rebecca said...

If it really does stain... The best remedy ever is laying the offending garment in direct sunshine while it's wet. Works like a charm. Buuuut it's usually hard to find strong sunshine this time of year.

All diapers blow. I think cloth diapers work best at keeping poo in. But I have three kids so I no have time for them. Hence they are for sale. :)

Hillie Gaither said...

Avery used to poop like that. Up her back, down my front...I would call her Maria because of all her outfit changes:)