Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm doing it. Today.

I am so bad at 'sleeping when the baby sleeps'.  In fact, I suck at it.  I have yet to do it and it's been 6 weeks (what?!? she's 6 weeks old today!?!). 

See, there are matchbox cars to pick up.  Dishes to load or unload.  Laundry to fold (notice I didn't say 'put away').  Tables to dust.  Exercising to ponder.  Decorating to do.  Errands to run.  Facebook to catch up on (yeah right, like I ever get behind on fb).  Blogs to read.  Friends to email.  Phone calls to return.  Cows to milk.  Eyebrows to pluck.  Bills to pay.  Christmas lists to make.  I could go on.

Today.  I will do it.  I will sleep when the baby sleeps.  Cannon is at school (for the record, I truly believe I am a better mom and he is a happier toddler because he goes to school and interacts with other kids and adults two days a week, it's well worth the cost). 

So, today I will do it.  I'm doing it.  I'm going.  Don't even try and stop me.  I will not brew another cup.  I will feed her and go to bed.  Here I go. 

The Best part?  Today's small task?  Eyebrows.

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Aly said...

how'd it go??
btw, LOVE the collage of pictures at the top of the page!