Friday, December 24, 2010

He's coming!!!

It's Christmas eve. Our tree is more like kindling. That's what happens when you buy one on Black Friday. It's so bad that Dan is rationing the time the lights can be on for fear it'll catch fire. Fun taker. Don't get too close though. It'll getcha.

Today is officially the last day I can say 'guess I should call Santa' or 'Santa's watching' or 'he's making a list, which one are you on?'. Damn. Back to real discipline I suppose.

There's a taffeta dress (not me. I am not 12) planned for tonight. And an argyle christmas vest. And sushi. And good friends.

Dan is getting more than just undershirts but not much more given the price limit. I am trying to figure out how to shoot video on both the flip and the regular video camera (the one that shoots video for posterity not for Facebook) and also take real pictures. Right now mounting a camera on the Bjorn sounds like a good option. Stay tuned.

I am more excited for tomorrow morning than I ever was as a kid (sorry mom and dad) and my parents did Christmas right.

Drove around and looked at Christmas lights last night. Of all the times I didn't have one of my 700 cameras. A light up plastic nativity scene next to a Home Depot blow up NASCAR with a Peanuts character hanging out the side. I shit you not. Nothing says Happy Birthday Jesus like plastic and NASCAR. Best we found this year.

All is calm-ish. All is bright.

Think I will make myself scarce for the remainder of the year. Unless the mood hits me just right. You will be ok. I promise.

Until then, merry merry and happy happy. Hope your holidays are smothered in love, laughter, and good wine.

The Best part? The look on his face tomorrow.


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