Sunday, December 5, 2010


We didn't drive the minivan.  Still felt old.

So last night was a surprise birthday party for a friend from college.  A surprise 30th birthday party.  We graduated the same year.  30 is approaching.  Quickly.  He was surprised.  Saw some friends from the past.  Spent a lot of time talking about how we don't feel far removed from college but when we stand next to an 18 year old we realize just how far removed we are.  Anyway.

So, it's at a bar.  A bar in the hip area of town where we used to go BC (Before Children, Before Cannon; whichever you prefer).  Have probably been twice since he was born.  Make that 3 times.  Our bar tab was huge.  We're not sure why or how.  We stayed out late.  Too late.  And by late I mean midnight.  Yep.  Midnight. 

So, we went to bed at 1.  Emerson got up at 4.  Again at 6.  And Cannon was up at 7.  BC today would have been a day to blow up an air mattress and watch Friends dvd's all day.  Instead it's the lazy Sunday with children edition where we watch too much television and all nap at 1.  Or I hope we all nap at 1.  Normal Sunday stuff will not get accomplished.  And we will remember why we don't and can't go out every weekend.  Perhaps once a quarter is a good goal.  And by 'out' I mean to a quiet dinner and home by 9.

Life is good great just the way it is.  With our cozy family where we sip wine and turn in early.  Now I really sound old.  Prepare yourself for 2 1/2 months of posts about turning 30.

Until then I'll leave you with this.  My parents are going to Mexico to celebrate my 30th birthday. 

And this.  Kohl's should send more $10 gift cards in the mail so I can continue to get kcups for free.

And this.  My new boots did not give me blisters.

And.  Songs from children's tv shows haunt and torture me at 3am.

And one more.  There's 3 inches of snow on the ground and my 2 year old has zero interest in playing in it.  I'm ok with that.

The Best part?  Slow cooking chichen chili.


Lauren Stahl said...

I HATE when the tv songs greet me in the middle of the night and then remain the soundtrack of my dreams for hours after.

Aly said...

ditto to all of it.
except the part about the boots. Mine gave me blisters this weekend.