Saturday, November 27, 2010

TGivs Observations and Revelations -- with pictures!

Eating on your great grandmother's china makes things more special.

My Mom on my 25 year old brother: "He's reading a book, I'm so proud." My brother is reading a book called Assholes Finish First.

My Brother on 'Dadly' duties: "Dad, you do the inside of the turkey it's like pumpkins."

Wine tastes better in crystal.  So it has to be handwashed.  We should still drink out of it more often.

Totally disappointed in the meat output of a 17 pound bird.  However, my brother may have eaten 3 or 4 pounds himself.

Jellied cranberry sauce out of  can is better than homemade.  Despite my best efforts.

There is sheer joy when the homemade pumpkin cheesecake with ginger snap crust comes out of the pan.

Family pictures, if too forced, with coordinated outfits, posing, and two children look just that way, forced.  Of course, I discovered THIS picture after I ordered the Christmas cards.  Damn.

My parents brought us a Keurig.  Never thought I wanted/ needed one.  Coffee pot for sale.

Hung with care.

Christmas cards in the mail by Monday.  That's late for me.  Really late.

Christmas cheer.

The Best part?  There was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on our Thanksgiving table.

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